Generals Tent 104 Assignment



Overview and Purpose

In Phase 1 BMS the students learned how to track their numbers, most likely for the first time in their careers.

In Phase 2, they learned how to use a computerized version of their Generals Tent. 

That allowed them to add numbers quickly, along with seeing the trends in their numbers and services. 

Now in Phase 3, they will be analyzing the data that they have been collecting, and writing about the results.

The Assignment

Each Artist will need to analyze and answer the following questions:

  • MONTHLY & WEEKLY Marketing tab
    • What trends are you seeing?
    • Did you do your D4 consistently AND with intention?
    • What could you do better?

  • MONTHLY & WEEKLY Dollars / Hour
    • What are you noticing with the numbers?
    • If you were faster with NBR how would that change your dollars per hour?
    • What changes could you make to increase your DPH?

  • MONTHLY & WEEKLY Total Dollars
    • What trends are you seeing with these numbers?
    • What changes could you make to allow more time for the higher-paying clients?
    • What changes need to be made to your business?

  • MONTHLY & WEEKLY Dollars / Client
    • What are you noticing with these numbers?
    • What could you adjust in your business/service to increase the DPC?

Pass or redo


  • We are not looking at the specific numbers (it does not matter how much they made) 
  • They do NOT need to turn in their numbers
  • They will be answering the questions above
    • Their answers need to be well thought out with legitimate answers
  • Answers will look different for each student


  • If all of the questions are not answered
  • Half ass answers or “I don’t know” will not be accepted
  • One word answers will not be accepted
  • One sentence answered will not be accepted 

Generals Tent Example

This is an example of the spreadsheet that each artist will be analyzing  for this assignment. 

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