Generals Tent 102 Assignment Preparation



Here’s How to Pass This Stage With Flying Colors: It’s simple. 1) Carefully review the below requirements & examples, 2) Complete your assignment as laid out, and 3) Submit your assignment for Review & Feedback exactly as instructed.

Assignment Requirements

To pass this test so you can continue your BMS Education & Journey, you will need to submit the following:

You will be keeping track of your numbers EVERY DAY in your NEW GENERALS TENT SHEET.


This sheet and link has been emailed to you. If it has NOT been emailed to you, please email SUPPORT@NBR.EDUCATION

If you do not work a day, or collect money, you can mark those days off as zeros.

At the end of 30 days tracked you will screenshot your NEW GENERALS TENT and submit that.

All 30 days MUST be included in the screenshot, and all of the rows as well. 


It is best to do that on a computer.

This is not to judge how much money you make,

how well you are doing your Daily Four,

how often you do your Power Practice.

This is to ensure that you are keeping up with one of the MOST important practices of your business.

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