Core 4 Assignment Preparation



Here’s How to Pass This Stage With Flying Colors: It’s simple. 1) Carefully review the below requirements & examples, 2) Complete your assignment as laid out, and 3) Submit your assignment for Review & Feedback exactly as instructed.

To pass this test so you can continue your BMS Education & Journey, you will need to submit the following:


You will only need to turn in ONE photo.

Take a photo of your CORE 4 TRACKER PAGE page.

At MINIMUM ONE MONTH must be fully filled out.

No back-tracking on dates.

This is about creating daily habits that will push you forward.

If you cheat, or lie, you are only cheating yourself.

Click HERE to download your Core 4 Tracker.

Example Photos

It will look something like this:

  • Green means that you accomplished your goal
  • Red means that you did not

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