Color Assignment Preparation



Here’s How to Pass This Stage With Flying Colors: It’s simple. 1) Carefully review the below requirements & examples, 2) Complete your assignment as laid out, and 3) Submit your assignment for Review & Feedback exactly as instructed.

To pass this test so you can continue your NBR® Education & Journey, you will need to take & submit the below photos:

  1. BEFORE & AFTER Collage – Back
  2. BEFORE & AFTER Collage – Side
  3. BEADWORK of the MAIN row
  4. STITCHING of the MAIN row
  5. START & END bead Collage
    • BOTH Start and End Bead must be FULLY finished
  6. Your formula used on the Client
  7. Your formulas used on the ISLA hair
    • This must include what weft colors were used, and their formulas
    • EXAMPLE: ISLA 3N – Rooted with 15g of 3N & 5g of 1B (SEQ)

Click HERE to download your assignment checklist.

Example Photos


  • START bead on the LEFT
  • END bead on the RIGHT
  • End beads must be fully finished, meaning tied off and glues

The clients full formula must be written. 


B20 with olaplex

LL - 7NB + 7GB 1:1 SEQ

Toner: SEQ 9v + 9N


The ISLA hair extension formulas can be written like so:


ISLA 3N - Rooted with 15g of 3N & 5g of 1B ( SEQ)

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