Now that you’ve learned the basics of the ISLA® Collection, it’s time to learn how to care for it properly AND how to set your clients up for success in caring for their new hair.


Can I cut the seam of ISLA® Hand-Tied Hair?
Yes. You CAN cut the seam of ISLA® Hand- Tied hair for a custom pattern for your client. You must remember to put a dot of ISLA Adhesive to seal on the seam before and after you cut it, followed by using the ISLA® Finishing Pliers to flatten the weft and seal the glue. This prevents any unraveling or shedding of the seam.

Can I use Protein or Keratin products on ISLA® Hair?
To extend the life of the extension wefts, make sure you and your clients are avoiding products that have a lot of protein or keratin, as using too much of these ingredients can break down the extension hair.

How can I save time drying the wefts during the appointment?
We recommend
using a hooded dryer and a hair rack to dry the extensions 80% dry while you work on your client. Then use a brush and blow dryer to finish and smooth down the cuticle of the extensions. This is a game changer for shortening appointment time while still offering a luxurious experience.

NO, you do NOT need to pre-wash ISLA hair before coloring or toning it!

Now, even if you are installing ISLA® Hair RAW (from the bag without color/ toning) make sure you wash it with a Clarifying Shampoo first! Conditioner is not necessary after this first pre-install wash. It’s a luxury experience, don’t just put it in straight from the bag, your client deserves luxurious scented hair. Plus, this will give a fluffier look for easier blending during the cut and photograph beautifully. 

To set your clients up for success and get them to love the haircare you sell in your salon, send them home with an NBR® Care Package with New Installation Appointments! Remember, you’re offering a luxury experience, which is a great way to introduce them to the products you recommend and retail inside your salon.

At DKW® Styling Salon, we send all New Install clients home with:

ISLA® Hair lasts from 4-6 months; however
, we recommend that 3-4 wefts be switched out every other appointment to keep your client having the best experience possible wearing ISLA® Hand-Tied hair. 

How often your clients will need to purchase new hair will be dependent on their NBR Home Care routine and also on the guest experience you provide. As professionals, it is our job to let guests know when their wefts have lived their lifespan and need to be replaced. 

Clients who wear blonde and textured wefts need to know that the wefts become drier faster and do need to be replaced more often. This is due to the process they undergo during manufacturing. However, if you stick to replacing 3-4 wefts every other appointment as recommended, your client will always have the BEST end result possible

Now that you know how to care for ISLA® Hair and educate your clients on their gorgeous new hair, it’s time to learn about weft placement patterns in the next lesson!

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