Classic NBR® Curl

Classic NBR® Curl

The Style is where everything comes together, DO NOT RUSH THE STYLE! 

A gorgeous finished style will showcase your work in your marketing content and attract MORE leads! 

You want the Style to be classy, trendy, and age-appropriate. This could be different for each client.

Educate your guest on how to care for their NBR® and during The Style, let them know not to turn their hot tools higher than 360ºF.

Classic NBR Curling Tips:

For the longest-lasting curl, use a 1” barrel curling iron. 

Taking sections that are 1 square inch, give the cuticle a couple of smoothing passes with your iron to blend both the client’s hair and the extension hair before curling. 

It is not recommended to alternate curls. If you alternate with short layers, that will accentuate the short layers instead of blending them. 

Let the curls COOL, and avoid running your hands through them until the very end when you do the brush out. 

This will allow the curls to hold longer.  If you want fluffier curls in your photos, then brush them out with a round brush after they have cooled.

Styling products like a texture spray or light hold hairspray can be an excellent finish and give your clients a lasting style. 

You’re on your way to completing the Theory portion of NBR® Phase One. Just one more lesson to go!

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