Classic NBR® Artistic Cut

Classic NBR® Artistic Cut

The NBR® Cut is where you start to see the transformation come to life

Movement and shape allow the extensions to blend in with their hair and give the most natural-looking result. 

If you did not install enough wefts when Placing Hair; you won’t have enough hair to cut to create the perfect blend.

NEVER let the client dictate the length and the cut. You are the Professional, and you know, just like in a normal haircut, where hair needs to be cut to give the best end result. 

When Cutting:

The client should be standing and facing away from the mirror.

(Only if you are doing a short precision cut, then your client can be sitting.)

DO Not cut the length first. 

 Start by adding Face-Framing and Layers; then blend The Window.

Beware of cutting too much as that could create a hole in the hair. Finally, you can finish by cutting the length.

Always point cut when creating the perimeter; this will give a soft finish. You can also use either straight blade shears and/ or texture shears to keep the ends looking natural. 

If a client says “too long,” they could mean “too heavy.” If this happens, remove weight first, not length. 

You can go in with your texture shears and soften the feel, so it is lighter. 

Now that you know how to cut the perfect blend for your client, it’s time to move on to the cherry on top, styling!

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