Checking Tension

Checking Tension

Are my beads too tight, too loose or just right?

When deciding if a bead is too tight, too loose, or has the correct tension, you need to pay attention to what angle the bead is sitting at once completely placed.

This determines what tension is on the SCALP.


Too Loose?

A bead that is too loose will be able to be flipped upside down easily when you move your string, with no tension on your section. 

You should NOT be able to do this. If your beads are too loose you run the risk of damage, slipping and a loose sagging row. 

Too Tight?

A bead that is too tight will not be able to move at all. This bead will be laying completely flat against the head with no room for any movement or “bounce”.

The scalp will likely be pulling white or red from the hair follicles and may show visible sheen on the scalp. 

This can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for your client. 

The Correct Tension:

A bead with the correct tension will be able to be comfortably moved to a 45-degree angle away from the head.

That is when you begin to see tension on the scalp.

This is the perfect amount of tension and this will allow the bead to lay comfortably for the best possible experience for your client. 

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