Broken String

NBR® Placing Hair & Stitching 102

Checking Tightness

Here’s How to Complete This Lesson: Watch the below video, and review the “Key Points” underneath so you ensure you didn’t miss any key elements from this lesson before you proceed to the next step by clicking the Mark Complete Button at the top/bottom of the page.

Key Points

There is a very simple way to tell if your stitches are too loose.


If you are able to grab the string going across the track in your stitching and pull UP at ALL, that means that your stitches are too loose.


It is not best practice to pull stitches on a client.


If you are unsure if your stitching is tight enough then you want to stitch a row on a mannequin head and use that instead.


Once you are used to how your stitches SHOULD look and feel, that will make it much easier for you to find a rhythm with a client.

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