Being – Memoirs

BMS Core 4

Being - Memoirs

Here’s How to Complete This Lesson: Watch the below video, and review the “Key Points” underneath so you ensure you didn’t miss any key elements from this lesson before you proceed to the next step by clicking the Mark Complete Button at the top/bottom of the page.

Key Points

  • Study something that matters to you

  • As you read and study, take notes, write down your revelation

  • Your revelation is your INSPIRATION

  • Journaling can be freehand, it can be guided, or it can be about something you learned.



  • Slow Your Mind
  • Expand Learning
  • Concept To Blueprint
  • Clarity On Vision
  • Simplify Insights
  • Paradigm Shifts
  • Access More Brain
  • Observer Chooser
  • Understand YOU Expand
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