Beadwork Basics

Beadwork Basics

NBR® Beadwork is a game of repetition! The more you practice the better you will get. 

Let’s talk Section Size Rules:

The lower the density = the larger the section. 

The higher the density = the smaller the section. 

 This is a critical step inside beadwork that you MUST customize for each guest’s density.

The section shape should ALWAYS be a soft, vertical Oval.

You do not want the section going too wide. Otherwise, the client’s hair will get caught when stitching, which is very painful.

We weren’t done getting knotty yet: 

When you tie your knot On Base, make sure you pull the string on BOTH sides of the knot to tighten it in the CENTER of your Oval section. 

You’ll slide and drop your bead onto the knot you created on your section and you will do The Kick Out.


What is the “Kick Out” ?

The Kick Out is where you’re moving the knot away from the scalp 90 degrees off the head.

This creates just enough space to wiggle the bead down onto the knot. 

You will want a Nubbin on each bead to ensure the knot is through the bead and the track does not slip.

What is a “Nubbin”?

The Nubbin is the small amount of hair that pokes out of the top of the bead. 

When you have your Kick Out and the correct Nubbin size, that is when you will firmly close your bead

Then you will repeat those steps on every bead around the head, ensuring that there is ONE INCH from center of bead to center of bead, NOT section to section. 

 The same rule applies in NBR® Beadwork as in other techniques we use in the Hair Industry….

You ALWAYS want to be working in front of your section to ensure that you are On Base.

When you get to the back of the head, you want to either pump up the client’s chair and/ or have them look down to ensure that you are still working in front of your section and your knots and beads are On Base.

Power Practice Tips:

While working on a mannequin do not stress too much about each bead being perfect. 

The ultimate goal is to create muscle memory, and that can only be achieved with repetition.

After you have watched the training video once, it can help to also have it playing while you are working on your mannequin. 

You can watch a step, pause the video, and then do that step on your mannequin. It can be helpful to take it step by step while you get the Beadwork rhythm. 

Your mannequin is going to love their new rows of NBR®.

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