Assistant Training Assignment



Overview and Purpose

Hiring someone with no plan is NOT helpful. 

Here the Artist will be putting THOUGHT, INTENTION, and a PLAN into place.

This will allow for success not only for their business, but for future team members as well.

The Assignment

Each artist will submit the following:

  • An outline of your Assistant Training program

This must include:

  • The order of topics they will be trained on
    • Front of the chair
    • Behind the chair

  • The length of the AT program

  • The frequency and timing of their training

  • What is the ultimate goal for the Assistant?
    • NBR Artist at your salon / space?
    • Assist you then on go on their own

  • Pay structure

  • Test out to go on to the floor (if that is an option at your salon)

  • Dress code

  • Will you have a contract?
    • If so the main points of it

  • Anything else that will be relevant to your salon

You do NOT need to have every single detail laid out. As you go along you will find more and more to add.

You do need to have an outline and an idea of what their role will entail.

Pass or redo


  • All of the questions must be answered in a thorough manner


  • If they do not answer all of the questions
  • If they answer with one sentence or just one word
  • If it is apparent that no though was actually put beind the answers
    • This will vary from Artist to Artist – it is up to YOU as the trainer to decide if enough thought and effort has been put into it, OR if it’s been a half ass effort
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