The Secret to Social Media Marketing Success

Are you ready to uncover the secret sauce that can supercharge your career as an artist? Join NBR Educator Julia Ward as she shares invaluable insights during her speech at our annual Academy Convention. She reveals that the “Daily Four” marketing tactic, a game-changer from our educational arsenal, propelled her social media marketing to new heights and brought her to her current success.

So, what exactly is this Daily Four all about?

It’s your recipe for boosting your marketing prowess, transforming followers into leads and eager applicants seeking a seat in your chair. It’s as simple as committing to four daily tasks seven days a week. It’s the proven route to success, regardless of your industry.

The first step? Send an audio to to a client. What does this do? It makes them feel special and makes you stand out from other Artists!

Second is a video. It’s time to get comfortable going live on Instagram. You can’t edit a live video. You’re giving your followers a raw, authentic version of yourself. Who doesn’t love authenticity?

Third, post your work. Daily. Whether it’s a before and after, products, your salon experience, etc. Just post, but be sure to be intentional! (keep reading to find out the last step of daily four!)

When embarking on something new, especially something like doing an Instagram Live, it’s natural to be plagued by fear – fear of making mistakes, fear of judgment. But Julia is here to inspire a shift in your mindset.

She encourages you to declare, “Not today!” She has ignited our spirits and urged us to shed those fears, embrace our routines, and boldly stride toward the land of success.

In tandem with consistency, a well-established routine becomes your reliable partner on your Daily Four journey. Julia’s key to success involves early mornings, workouts, and dedicated time for her Daily Four.

With a solid routine, she has seamlessly integrated the Daily Four into her daily agenda as a non-negotiable commitment. Your routine is the unwavering companion guiding you along the path to consistency.

Julia recognizes that flourishing as an artist is a gradual process. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a thriving hairstyling career.

Your personal “why” – family, self-improvement, or the desire to prove yourself – serves as your North Star, guiding you through the inevitable challenges.

By consistently showing up and putting in the effort, she turned her aspirations into reality, experiencing personal and professional growth.

Julia’s speech illuminates the immense power of consistency, routine, and unwavering commitment.

Now, that final step of Daily Four you’ve been waiting for? It’s a text post! Something like a Facebook post, email, blog, or a longer caption under an Instagram photo.

By using multiple forms of marketing, as taught in the Daily Four, you’re going to reach a wider audience! Thus boosting your career.

As we introduce you to the Daily Four, seize this opportunity to step into the limelight. Embrace consistency and make it an indispensable part of your marketing journey. Your path to success starts here.

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Julia Ward

Coach Julia has been part of the NBR® Tribe for four years. After co-owning a salon with her best friend, she decided to take a leap of faith and open her salon, MUSE, located in Olympia, WA, and as of 2023, opened a second location in Gilbert, AZ!

Julia is an experienced stylist who creates natural blonde and light-colored looks that combine glamour and bohemian styles.

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