The Power of Confidence

As an Artist, its not uncommon to encounter clients who question your every move during the coloring hair extension installation process. Do you find yourself in a constant struggle to earn their trust? 

It’s crucial to distinguish between clients who are genuinely curious and those who simply lack confidence in your expertise.

The key to winning their trust is exuding confidence in your skills and communication.

In this transformation, our goal was to achieve a soft dimensional blonde with hints of warmth while maintaining an overall natural blend that appears as though she grew it all on her own.

Achieving this result requires a combination of expertise, creativity, and, most importantly, confidence.

You must have the confidence to use an 8N ISLA weft, (or even darker 😱) as the darkest weft even when your client may feel that color is way too dark.

And sometimes you need the confidence to cool down warmer wefts like 9WBL, knowing it will gradually fade just like her natural hair and still blend perfectly in 6-8 weeks. 

Confidence isn’t just about knowing your craft; it’s also about effective communication.

Keep the lines of communication open with your clients.

Encourage them to share their desires and concerns, acknowledge those feelings, and be solution-oriented.

This two-way communication fosters trust and ensures that you and your client are on the same page.

Achieving a natural look in hair extensions is all about selecting the right wefts.

Here, we used a mix of 10N, 9/7WBL, 9WBL, and 8N  from ISLA Hand-Tied Hair.

This mix of brightness, and depth, cool and warm tones is a sure fire way of getting a seamless look with every installation.

When clients question your weft choices, it’s essential to explain your decision with confidence.

Share your knowledge about the different weft options and why you are confident this choice is the best fit for them and the outcome they desire. 

Remember,  you are the expert, and your clients are looking to you for guidance.

By consistently demonstrating your expertise with confidence, you’ll not only meet their expectations but also exceed them, leaving them with the stunning results they’ve always wanted.

So, go ahead, trust in yourself, and watch your clients follow suit.

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Danielle K. White

Danielle has been in the hair industry for many years and has always been passionate about finding the best methods for extensions, especially for clients with fine, thin hair. Through trial and error, she developed the Natural Beaded Rows® (NBR®) Method which has proven to be effective for a wide range of clients.

In addition to finding a solution for her clients, Danielle also had a desire to help other hairstylists break the mold and achieve success in their careers. She began offering shadowing opportunities to learn the NBR® Method in her salon and as demand grew, she created the Business, Marketing, and Sales (BMS®) education to provide a comprehensive path for hairstylists to turn their license into a successful business.

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