The Power of Being a Licensed Artist

Welcome to another episode of The Big Money Stylist Podcast! Get ready to dive into a candid conversation hotter than a hair straightener cranked to max heat. This week, Danielle sits down with Lindsay Taylor, a Licensed NBR Artist from Northern California.

In this episode, Lindsay shares her journey of unlocking success and savoring freedom in her hairstyling career. Plus, brace yourselves for insider info on her recent move to owning her studio suite. This chat is about to serve up some wisdom on work-life balance, the magical transformations happening in the hair world, and the secret sauce to building deep connections with your clients.

Recently, Lindsay realized she was growing rapidly and ready to spread her wings. She had been toying with having her own space for two years but finally got the nudge she needed.

She made the bold leap to her own studio suite, and let’s say it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows at first, but the relief Lindsay felt to be in her own space spoke volumes!

Lindsay saw leaving her old salon as her golden opportunity to take charge, flex her knowledge and expertise, and bask in the freedom of being her own boss.

What we’ve learned over the years of knowing Lindsay is that she has a heart of gold, and her passion for hair isn’t just about creating pretty styles and colors.

For her, it’s a full-blown emotional journey. She pours love and good vibes into every strand and, believe it or not, every client interaction. It’s all about genuine connections, positive energy, and making her clients feel like the absolute rockstars they are. She loves empowering her clients to feel their best and conquer each day. 

That’s what NBR is about!

While we love a good transformation, what is important to us is empowerment! Whether it’s through the art of NBR or for our education for hairstylists, Lindsay is the epitome of what it means to be a Licensed NBR Artist!

Working her magic just three days a week, jetting off on vacays, and still keeping that career fire alive. By redefining success and focusing on what truly matters, Lindsay’s found her happy place.

What do we want you to take away from this episode?

Well, it’s time to dance to your own tune, give yourself permission to outgrow your space, and seize every opportunity for growth and independence.

Lindsay has stayed true to her passion, and that’s led her to the promised land of success and freedom.

Get ready for some major inspiration!

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Lindsey Taylor

Lindsey is a creative soul who fell in love with the artistry of Natural Beaded Row Extensions.  In her 20-year career, NBR is the only extension method she’s found that she trusts for herself and her guests to ensure healthy hair and incredibly natural results.

Her goal for each of her guests is to see who they are within reflected in the outward expression of their hair. Helping that inner light shine out is the true beauty of a NBR transformation.

When Lindsey isn’t behind the chair, you can find her by the lake, on a snowboard, or in the kitchen, creating delicious meals and spending time with her family.

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