The Hairstylist’s Guide to Business & Marketing Mastery

Are you a hairstylist eager to take your skills and business strategies to the next level?

If so, welcome to the world of Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) Extensions – the original hand-tied hair extension method that’s been revolutionizing the industry since 2012.

Join us as we dive into the stories and expertise of Danielle K. White, the visionary behind NBR, and Courtney, an NBR Educator. Together, they offer invaluable insights on overcoming obstacles and achieving remarkable success in the competitive realm of hairstyling.

In this episode, we uncover the essential elements for building a thriving extension business, from mastering the art of NBR to implementing effective marketing and business strategies. 

Whether you operate in a bustling city or a quaint rural town, this podcast highlights the opportunities available when you prioritize growth and education in your career.

Here are four things you can implement starting today!

Commit to Growth!

Decide on an area of your career or personal development you want to improve, and make a solid commitment to work on it.

Commitment is your first step towards growth.

Challenge Your Stories!

Identify the stories and excuses that are holding you back. Are you telling yourself you can’t succeed because of your location, experience, or resources?

Acknowledge these stories and actively work to dismantle them.

Embrace Fear!

Recognize that fear often precedes growth. When you’re faced with an opportunity that scares you, lean into it.

Remember, doing things despite fear is a sign that you’re on the brink of something great.

Take Action!

Start with small, actionable steps that push you out of your comfort zone.

Whether it’s a live story on social media or asking for a deposit on a consultation, take that step.

Each action will build your confidence and lead you closer to your goals.

By integrating these actionable steps into your hairstyling career, you’ll elevate your craft and fortify your business’s foundation for enduring success.
Remember, the journey to excellence begins with a single step – seize the opportunity to embark on yours today!
Ready to Break the Mold & Join the NBR® Movement!

Discover limitless possibilities and redefine the industry with our NBR® & BMS® education.

Master the game-changing NBR®️ method and create breathtaking transformations all while achieving financial freedom!

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Courtney Dines

Courtney has been a part of the NBR® community since 2018, when she attended BMSCON3! She was later asked to join the Education Team and has enjoyed working to improve the industry ever since.

Courtney’s approach to styling is balanced between her technical skills and her artistic side, which allows her to create seamless blends and strong silhouettes.

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