Sarah Stephenson

Is it time for you to learn to let go?

How often do we find ourselves longing for a moment of space to breathe, wishing we weren’t so overwhelmed by the demands of life? It’s a familiar scenario for many of us, and as hairstylists, we know the feeling oh so well. We juggle multiple responsibilities, feeling spread thin, exhausted, and craving a moment to simply unwind. The desire to excel in every aspect of our lives can be overwhelming, leading us to believe that no one else can handle our tasks as well as we can. But here’s the truth we often overlook: it’s essential to let go.

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Academy Weekly Call | November 27, 2023

HOSTED BY SARAH STEPHENSON Here’s a recap of the key takeaways from this week’s call: Photos, Marketing, and Social Media Converting Mindset With Captions and CTA’s Talking to Your Target Client Connecting Through Emotions Be Relatable, People Crave Connection Homework: Find something you are passionate about and talk about it on your social media! Explore

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