Surrender Your Ego

Dive into the often-misunderstood concept of the ego and explore how harnessing its positive aspects can propel us toward personal and professional success. 

Join us as we learn to tap into our inner badass bosses and create a life of impact and fulfillment!

This week, host Danielle K. White, the creator of NBR® Education, and Katie Guthrie, the Director of Operations, take us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

The Power of the Ego

The ego has gained a negative reputation, commonly associated with arrogance and self-centeredness. 

However, Danielle and Katie challenge this perception and shed light on the potential of the ego to drive us toward our goals. 

They emphasize the importance of recognizing our worth, capabilities, and the confidence to pursue our dreams. 

By embracing the power of the ego, we can tap into our true potential and achieve remarkable success.

Building a Strong Community

While personal growth is vital, Danielle and Katie emphasize the significance of building a supportive community and working together as a tribe. 

They highlight the power of collaboration and collective strength, explaining that by supporting one another, we can surpass individual limitations and achieve greater heights. 

Sometimes, this may require setting aside our ego to foster an environment of unity and cooperation. 

Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change.

Removing Roadblocks

To unleash your inner boss, it’s crucial to identify and remove the roadblocks that hinder your progress. 

Danielle and Katie discuss the significance of self-awareness and self-reflection, encouraging listeners to examine their limiting beliefs, fears, and insecurities. 

By confronting these obstacles head-on, individuals can step into their power and create a clear path toward success.

Embrace Your Inner Badass

In true Big Money Stylist fashion, Danielle and Katie invite listeners to sit back, tune in, and prepare to level up their lives. 

Be empowered to embrace your ego, tap into your inner badass, and unlock your full potential. 

By utilizing the power of the ego for positive growth, fostering a supportive community, removing roadblocks, and committing to personal development, we can create a life of success, impact, and fulfillment. 

So get ready to unleash your inner boss and become the best version of yourself – because you deserve it!

Remember to tune in next week for more insightful conversations, expert advice, and inspiration to help you thrive in your personal and professional endeavors. 

Until then, stay motivated, stay focused, and keep pushing forward on your journey to greatness.


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Katie Guthrie

Starting as a student at BMS® Con 1, Katie discovered her love for the brand’s value of empowering clients and Artists through the art of NBR®.

With her exceptional skills, she creates stunning, natural-looking transformations that blend seamlessly. 

She became a member of the DKW® Salon Team in 2018 and shortly joined the operations team at NBR® HQ. As a member of the team, Katie has become a mentor and natural leader, guiding others to reach their full potential. 

Outside the salon and office, she is a mom of two and finds joy in gardening during her free time. 

Katie’s passion, talent, and nurturing spirit uplift and empower countless individuals in the NBR® Tribe. 

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