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Welcome to another episode of the Big Money Stylist podcast, where we dive deep into the journey of Sarah Stephenson and Brette Cody, who started their friendship as students of NBR and are just about to open up their own salon in Nephi, Utah!  

In this blog post, we’ll take you through their incredible story, sprinkled with valuable takeaways and personal stories, to inspire your own path toward growth and success.

 If you’d like to hear it straight from them, keep scrolling and watch on Youtube or listen on Spotify!

Embracing Lifelong Learning

Sarah and Brette share one big thing in common that has contributed to their success: a continuous learning mindset!

They started off their NBR Journies at Mastermind and BMSCon4.

Their decision to enroll in the DKW Styling Academy program was a pivotal moment and a chapter within their career as NBR Artists.

Each phase of the program uncovered new insights and skills, reinforcing the idea that there’s always room for improvement and expansion.

Fun fact: Brette graduated from the program in 2022, earning her the title of Licensed NBR Artist, and Sarah? She’s now part of the NBR Education team, sharing her knowledge as an educator. Talk about leveling up!

The Power of The NBR Tribe 

Sarah and Brette found their people here – a group of like-minded Artists who lifted them higher than 80s hair! 

This community became their guiding light, offering support, motivation, and loving critique.

It’s a reminder that when you surround yourself with positive, driven people, your success begins to liftoff.

Touching Lives Through Hair 

For these two, hairstyling isn’t just a job; it’s a calling.

Their transformations don’t just stop at fabulous hair; they touch hearts, building confidence and spreading positivity like confetti.

This epiphany has fueled their passion for providing top-notch experiences and creating a salon environment that’s warm and inviting.

Hairstyling isn’t just about appearances; it’s a chance to make a real, meaningful impact on people’s lives.

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Brette Cody

Starting her NBR Journey at BMSCon4 in 2019, Brette Cody has become a shining star in the world of hair artistry.

Brette’s passion lies in NBR extensions, where she weaves confidence into each strand, specializing in Lived-In colors and bold fashion shades.

Dedicated to delivering an exceptional guest experience, Brette Cody is your go-to stylist for a transformation that leaves you looking and feeling absolutely fabulous.

Sarah Stephenson

Sarah has been practicing NBR® since 2018 and joined the Education Team in 2020.

She initially decided to pursue a career in cosmetology to avoid going to college, but she soon discovered that it was a perfect fit for her personality. 

Sarah is passionate about the ability to customize NBR® transformations and is particularly skilled in working with short to long and one-row to three-row extensions.

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