Redefining Success & Embracing Intrapreneurship

Today, we invite you to step into the remarkable story of Sophia Swan, a Licensed NBR Artist, whose journey is a testament to breaking free from conventional norms and embracing the role of an intrapreneur within a thriving NBR Salon.

At the heart of Sophia’s story serves as a testament to the incredible power of resilience and the human spirit.

Throughout her upbringing, Sophia embraced responsibilities that exceeded her years, emerging as a pillar of strength not only for herself but also for her siblings.

Rather than breaking her spirit, the trials she faced molded her into a woman of unwavering determination and courage.

The qualities she cultivated through trials would become her biggest attributes, and she emerged as a force to be reckoned with, armed with a unique blend of empathy, drive, and the desire to grow.

After completing high school, Sophia stood at a crossroads familiar to many.

Conventional wisdom whispered in her ear that a college degree was the golden ticket to success and that she would need a business degree to open a salon.

Yet, like many hairstylists know, her heart sang a different tune.

Her choice to pursue hairstyling wasn’t just about learning a trade; it was about embracing her passion as a driving force toward a fulfilling career.

The reality was she needed to find a fast track to making money as a hairstylist to support not only herself but also her siblings.

Rekindling a relationship with longtime friend Allie Scott, she started working alongside the Queen of Blondes for free.

This experience proved invaluable, offering her the chance to refine her skills, elevate her artistry, and emerge as a promising new hairstylist.

Upon graduating from hair school, she realized she needed to create space for herself to follow her dreams.

After a move to LA and then Australia working in various salons, she decided to move back home to Utah and started to assist Allie again.

Unfortunately burnout took its toll, and with her fibromyalgia, Sophia didn’t know if a career as a hairstylist was going to be sustainable much longer.

As she saw Allie having success with the NBR Method, and making more while working less, she started her NBR Journey at BMS Con 4 in 2019. 

Still, she craved to be a salon owner, thinking that was the only way to find success and be viewed in that light, but once she started working with Allie in the salon, she no longer dreamt of owning her own salon.

But with her work ethic and never wanting to fail attitude, Sophia pursued opening her own salon.

A brief stint as a salon owner revealed that entrepreneurship wasn’t her calling, yet Sophia’s journey was far from over. 

In the process, she realized that she is valuable, even without having her name on a salon, and in realizing her value, she embraced the role of an intrapreneur within Allie’s salon, embodying leadership and evoking positive change within the salon culture. 

Sophia’s biggest message is that you can run with the big dogs and that regardless of salon ownership or being an intrapreneur within a salon, we all have value and matter.

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Sophia Swan

Sophia is one of our amazing licensed artists she has been through the full DKW Styling Academy and has continued to further her education within the mastermind program.

She started her career as an assistant with different stylists and found her niche. She has had the opportunity to refine her skills in California and Australia.

In California, she worked on set for Khloe Kardashian’s reality show “Revenge Body” and styled celebrities’ hair for various events. Sophia’s favorite client to work on are rich brunettes and brondes.

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