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COLOR & NBR® PREP - Kick off your NBR® Journey by setting yourself up for success

Learn the simple naming system of ISLA® Hair, and why the ISLA® Collection makes each appointment easier for you while delivering an unmatched result for each client.

Whether choosing the perfect ISLA® weft colors, or rooting them for a flawless blend, no matter if blondes, brondes, brunettes, redheads, or fashion colors are your jam… you’re going to discover the secret to create stunning, seamless blends with NBR® and ISLA® hair!

SECTIONING - It’s the foundation of NBR®,

And in the NBR® Online Course, you’ll learn all the in-depth nitty-gritty details on the unique sectioning that allows the client ultimate versatility in everyday or special occasion styling! Proper sectioning is one of the most crucial points for comfortability and can determine your client's overall experience. Learn how to correctly section with ease and stress-free speed!

BEADWORK - Creating a beautiful structure with only beads and string.

Learn how to correctly do NBR® beadwork and how it supports the weight of the row while protecting the hair inside the bead.

PLACING HAIR - It's more than just pinning hair!

Here we'll focus on perfectly placing wefts of ISLA® Hair for a seamless feel. Part of a flawless NBR® installation is ensuring there is no unwanted bulk, so your clients leave with drool-worthy blends and hair that feels and looks like their own.

It doesn’t stop there! You’ll learn all the minimums and maximums when it comes to placing wefts on each row and how to create weft patterns for a customized look for every client sitting in your chair.

STITCHING - Get ready to place, pinch and pull!

Here you'll learn how the unique NBR® stitch keeps your client's row feeling secure until their next appointment.

Worried about beads being too tight? Painful? Off-base? Causing damage? Well, guess what… Your stitching can never be too tight with NBR®!

Discover how to make your stitching tighter, while also learning how to troubleshoot any issues and sidestep any "oh crap" moments with your stitching skills.

START & END BEADS - Because no one wants their row flapping around unfinished.

Within the NBR® Online Course, you'll learn the secrets to start & end beads that are so comfortable it won't even feel like they're there! Learn the theory and technique behind the three different options you have for finishing your row that will leave your client feeling confident and comfortable as they leave your chair!

CUT - The cut will make or break the end result in every extension transformation.

Over-cutting or under-cutting, will affect the outcome for your client and determine how good the blend really is. The classic NBR® cut is the ideal framework for you to create an effortless blend for any client and give them the stunning results NBR® has become known for.

STYLE - Not only does the style complete the NBR® transformation…

It’s also a huge contributor to the number of leads you get. Think about it, styling plays a major part in creating looks that can be used for your marketing.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create stunning beach waves for a look right out of a magazine so that you always end up providing your clients with a finished result that makes all their friends jealous.

REFRESH APPOINTMENT - Because not everyone gets a new install at every appointment!

If we have to say it, the above is a joke! The ONLY time you would do a full new install six weeks after the first one is if your client wanted to make a major color or length change.

Otherwise, we refer to the appointment in between as the tightening, refresh, or maintenance appointment, and inside the Online Course, you'll learn the flow of a 5-minute removal, the re-installation process, and how to replace hair with a quick, effortless ease that creates a truly luxurious experience for your clients and zero stress for you!

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Can be done Phase by Phase or by academy benefits as shown below.


In-Depth Step-By-Step Exclusive Training to Master NBR® AND BMS®

Inside DKW® Styling Academy, you will learn how to leverage proven strategies that get your ideal clients in your chair at higher price points, while only requiring you to be in the salon just a few days a week so you can finally LIVE out your life on your own terms.

Within the 4 Phases of the Academy (each Phase containing NBR® and BMS® lessons), there are over 60 video lessons and 39 assignments that step by step guide you to consistently elevate your craft, effectively run your business (instead of it running you), predictably build your Dream NBR® Clientele, and so much more.

Plus, you’ll be trained to leverage Tools and Software such as the GT Tracker and the STACK, with even more value being added all the time.

With the Academy, You'll Get Access to The Systems, Strategies, Tools, And Techniques Proven To Work By Hundreds Of Successful Artists Across The Nation!


Personalized Feedback

Isolation is never the best answer to getting “unstuck” and leveling up.

Trying to “figure it out as you go” may work up to a certain point.

But eventually you hit a sticking point in your business and it becomes apparent that the person you were…(with the skill sets and mindsets you had that led you to the place you’re at now)….can’t be the same skill sets and mindsets to get you out of you rut.

We’ve trained thousands of artists in the art and science of NBR® so we know what you are going to mess up and we can explain why your beads are suddenly doing “that weird thing”.

With personalized feedback through the Academy…

You’ll never waste a single second wondering if you’re putting the bead on right.

The 39 assignments inside the Academy are ALL individually reviewed by our team and you receive feedback on YOUR WORK so you can keep practicing and performing your art the right way!

How confident would you feel knowing that you have our entire team making absolutely certain you’re creating your best art with NBR®?

How unstoppable would you feel in your salon?

Let our entire team of elite trainers set you up with unshakeable certainty in your new skills so you can…

Become An Elite NBR® Artist with a Waiting List of High-End Clients You Absolutely LOVE to Work With!


Two (2) In-Person Classes

One of the best parts of the Academy is the tribe of Artists who have embarked on the same exact journey…And they are making the kind of money you want to make and they have all the time, space, and freedom you want to have.

During your 2-day Academy Intensive Experiences (positioned inside Phases One and Three and located here at our HQ in Dana Point, CA), you’ll come together with your peers and mentors.

And not only will you get real-time, hands-on feedback and course corrections on your NBR®…But you’ll also connect with your fellow NBR® community.

Come for the education, stay for the community.


Academy Convention Ticket

Our Yearly Big Blowout LIVE Event where the whole NBR® Tribe comes together to be inspired and educated by our top Trainers & Artists.

Each day empowers you with different ways to level up your craft with advanced NBR® & Coloring Techniques, styling trends, and so much more.

Plus, you’ll get additional BMS® training so you can become even better at attracting your dream clientele, market your transformations, and keep growing yourself and your salon.

You’ll have the opportunity to not only connect with your tribe but also ask the NBR® Education team your burning NBR® and BMS® questions.

You’ll Leave Feeling Motivated and Inspired By How NBR® Breaks the Mold of What's Possible For Committed Artists Such As Yourself, and What You Can Do Moving Forward.



The Academy provides you with a unique opportunity to participate in weekly live training and discussion, done through Zoom. This means that no matter where you are located, you can always get the help and guidance you need to succeed.

With a different NBR® and BMS® focus each week, the Academy Weekly Calls keep you engaged and inspired, so you are always ready to tackle new assignments and achieve your goals. Our expert trainers will provide you with all the tools, knowledge, and strategies you need to succeed.



FULL ISLA® Hair Access, Plus Bonus Giveaways In FREE Hair!

As you know, ISLA® was created with the artist in mind.

ISLA® is the top hair extension line you can use…And that’s why the FULL line is exclusive to NBR® Education Students!

What makes ISLA® superior to other brands? Simple.

Less silicone, more density per weft, pre-rooted wefts, an easy-to-navigate color range, and the best part? ISLA® always fades on tone.

All these factors make your life behind the chair easier and simplify your job!

No more wasted time rooting wefts or worrying your client will come back in eight weeks clearly looking like they wear extensions.

ISLA® Hair Is An Absolute Game-changer For Both You As the Artist, and Your Dream Clients. Because It Takes Your Work From Good Enough…To Phenomenal!


Private Academy Social Network

As an artist striving to thrive rather than just survive, too often it can feel like you’re stranded on an island where nobody “gets you.”

Your passion for creating art through hair and feeling proud of how it lets your dream clients LOVE THEIR LIFE is lost on your family, friends, and neighbors.

Plus, trying to master the art of Natural Beaded Rows® on your own can be a lonely road as you put in the practice to become the highly paid prize of your clients.

This is why your exclusive access to the Private Academy Network is an absolute must when it comes to keeping yourself inspired, energized, and empowered by your fellow artists.

Don’t think of it as just a community, think of it as a sisterhood for your success.

And once you’re inside the Private Academy Social Network, you have on-demand access to your Tribe so you can ask your burning questions at any time…

Get Critical Peer-to-Peer Feedback, Fuel Your Faith, Safely Share Your Wins & Losses, Get Inspired, and Make Lasting BFF Bonds with Committed Artists Such As Yourself.

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