Navigating Life’s Twists & Turns

In a world constantly pushing us to be in control and seek certainty, it’s refreshing to come across individuals with this incredible knack for riding the waves, rolling with the punches, and finding happiness in the most unexpected places. 

Recently, we enjoyed chatting with Licensed NBR Artist Addie Steinberg on our Big Money Stylist Podcast. She shared her journey of personal and professional growth, and it’s a story that underscores the magic of embracing the unknown and ditching those rigid expectations.

So, let’s dive into Addie’s adventure and discover the sheer beauty of going with the flow!

Addie’s adventure started with a simple desire to spruce up her hair game.

She noticed that the hairstyles she admired often involved extensions, and that’s when the lightbulb went off. She embarked on a mission to give her clients the same stunning transformation.

And guess where this led her? Straight to the Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) education program.

Little did she know that this decision would not only shape her career but also her outlook on life.

The Superpower of Structured Education

Addie’s experience with the NBR program was a real game-changer.

She’s self-described as “OCD,” and it turned out the structured environment of the program was right up her alley.

Having clear instructions and a step-by-step roadmap allowed her to excel and become a master in the art of NBR extensions.

Stepping into Studio Suite Ownership

After completing the NBR program, Addie took a giant leap and became a studio suite owner.

This bold move gave her complete control over her space, enabling her to craft an environment that truly mirrored her vision and values.

By owning her salon experience, Addie was able to provide a seamless and professional service to her clients, all while being free from distractions and external influences.

But here’s the kicker: Addie’s journey wasn’t just about changing her professional life but about rewiring her mindset.

She learned to adapt, pivot when necessary, and overcome those rigid expectations.

Instead of dwelling on past blunders or fretting about the future, she embraced the present moment and honed in on continuous improvement.

Her ability to flow with the current and adapt to new situations became a superpower that propelled her career and enriched her personal life.

So, what can we learn from Addie’s story?  Well, plenty:

  1. Embrace the Thrill of the Unknown: Instead of shying away from uncertainty, approach it with the wonder of a child and an open heart. The unexpected can lead to the most incredible opportunities and personal growth.
  1. Ditch the Rigid Plans: Life doesn’t always follow the script, and that’s perfectly fine. Embrace those unexpected twists and turns, and be ready to adapt and adjust as you go.
  1. Trust the Journey: Sometimes, the best outcomes arise when we surrender control and trust that things will work out. Have faith in your abilities and the path you’re carving.
  1. Find Joy in Every Step: The process of learning and growing is a beautiful journey in itself. Celebrate even the tiniest wins, and cherish the lessons you pick up.

Addie’s journey is a testament to the power of going with the flow and wholeheartedly embracing the unknown. Embrace the flow, and watch in awe as new horizons of opportunity and growth open up before your very eyes!

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Addie Steinberg

Addie’s quest for perfect hair led her to numerous disappointments at salons, where stylists struggled to achieve her desired looks due to her fine, unmanageable hair.

Undeterred, Addie embarked on a journey, experimenting with various products and hair extensions in search of the ideal solution. Her breakthrough came when she discovered NBR.

This revelation inspired her to become one of the first Licensed NBR Artists, officially beginning her NBR journey in 2018 at BMS Con 3.

Her transformation not only improved her hair but also sparked a desire to share her newfound confidence with others, recognizing that self-assurance often starts with how we feel about our appearance, especially our hair.

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