More Work Does Not Equal A Better Result

When it comes to creating seamless blends for blondes and brondes, dimension is the name of the game.
So often guests will ask for more highlights, when the reality is what they are really lacking is dimension.

Have you ever noticed how natural hair rarely consists of just one color? It’s the subtle variations and play of light and shadow that make real hair look so effortlessly beautiful.

By replicating this natural dimension in your Natural Beaded Rows® install, you create a result that appears authentic and seamless. 

Whether your clients desire a sun-kissed look, a rich brunette, or a vibrant red, dimension ensures that their hair looks like it was kissed by nature itself.

By incorporating multiple tones and shades, you create a dynamic canvas that catches the light and draws the eye. 

With ISLA® hair, you have the power to mix and match multiple colors and tones effortlessly. 

Embrace the concept of less work for better results.

In this transformation, you can see the incredible results DKW® Styling Salon Artist Jacqui Veta was able to achieve simply by adding depth back into this guest’s hair.

Here’s a friendly reminder: don’t overcomplicate things. 

More work doesn’t necessarily equal a better outcome.

Focus on choosing the right weft colors and strategically placing them for your NBR® Installs.

This simple approach can make a massive difference for your guests and elevate the quality of your work.

Trust your instincts, drop the dimension, and let ISLA® do the work!

Elevate Your Craft with ISLA® Hand-Tied Hair!

Why settle for anything less than perfection? With ISLA®, you'll enjoy the ultimate hairline made by Artists for Artists!

With 18 colors and blends you have endless options for beautiful transformations! And with more grams per weft you and your clients can say goodbye to bulky rows.

Apply for ISLA® Hair and get ready to experience flawless, head-turning transformations that feel like natural hair.

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Jacqui Veta

NBR® Educator Jacqui Veta works at DKW® Styling Salon as a full-time Artist and is also a Coach inside of NBR® Education.

Jacqui has been doing hair since 2002. What drew her into the industry was the science & art of color transformations. Not to mention, if she did hair, she could pursue her other dreams of traveling and music.

What convinced her to go all in with NBR® was seeing the growth her clients were experiencing with their hair. Every single client she had came in each time with stronger, longer, healthier hair.

She’s always wanted to help students change their lives like hers was changed. When a student has an A-HA moment- THAT is what she lives for!

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