Mastering Social Media and Standing Out in an Oversaturated Market

In the always-evolving world of social media, where algorithms wield tremendous power over content visibility, gaining visibility has become a daunting challenge, especially in an oversaturated market. But fear not, because, on the Big Money Stylist Podcast, hosted by Danielle K White, and guest Katherine Raynor, we dive into the rise of social media algorithms and discover how hair stylists can stand out, adapt, and most importantly, succeed!

The Impact of Social Media Algorithms

Once upon a time, social media platforms were a playground where fresh content was easily discovered. But as the digital landscape got increasingly crowded, social media algorithms stepped in to curate what users see. Danielle and Katherine emphasize that to succeed in this new era, hair stylists must differentiate themselves from the competition and constantly evolve their strategies. 

Some of the best ways to do this? 

Showcase Your Uniqueness: Highlight the services you do best and your personal aesthetic. Remember to keep consistent with your online aesthetic to ensure brand cohesiveness. 

Create Educational Content: Share tips, tutorials, and hair care advice. This establishes you as an authority and knowledgeable for current and potential clients! Keep things geared towards clients.

Engage With Your Audience: Respond to comments, dm’s, and questions daily. Setting aside 10-15 minutes each day is all you need to do! This creates a personal connection and makes you more personable. Be especially proactive about responding and engaging with current or potential clients.

Adopt an Educated Approach to Marketing

Analyzing marketing strategies based on insights, analytics, and trends is critical to your growth. It’s no longer about throwing random ideas and hoping for the best. Understanding what works and what doesn’t, based on available data, can help hair stylists make informed decisions about their marketing strategies. 

When trying a new time of day to post, or different content, be sure to give it several attempts (we like to test things for a week) before making a decision on if it works or not. Pro tip! Track your social media data on a weekly basis on a Google Sheet so you can analyze trends. 

Shifting Perspective on Engagement and Ego

Social media metrics like likes and comments can sometimes become an obsession, affecting how hair stylists perceive themselves and their content. 

Danielle and Katherine remind us that it’s essential to maintain a healthy perspective on engagement. 

Even a smaller number of likes can hold great significance, and the focus should be on continuous growth and improvement rather than chasing vanity metrics. Keep an eye on that engagement number, and don’t stress about likes!

As a hairstylist navigating the social media landscape, remember that differentiation, education, and staying true to your craft are key elements to thriving in this digital age. 

So, embrace the power of data-driven decisions, focus on growth and improvement, and create an authentic and welcoming experience for your clients. 

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Katherine Raynor

Katherine has been a part of the NBR® community since April of 2021, when she attended her an NBR Intensive! 

After working with a Licensed NBR Artist in her hometown in Kansas, she knew she was ready to take a leap of faith and applied for an apprentice position at DKW Styling Salon at the end of 2021. 

After getting the job she was quickly welcomed as part of the Family and was asked to stay on the team as a stylist after becoming a Licensed Artist in December of 2022.

Katherine’s approach to styling is balanced between her technical skills and her artistic side, which allows her to create seamless blends and empower her clients!

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