Mastering Client Consultations

Get ready to learn how to nail the perfect client consultations that closes with Ashley Phillips  and Danielle K. White in this episode of the Big Money Stylist podcast. Brace yourself for an empowering journey as they unlock the secrets to mastering the art of consultations in the hair extension industry.

The episode kicks off with a bang, as Ashley, a licensed NBR artist and salon owner of Bespoke Extension Lounge, spills the tea on her salon’s incredible rebranding journey. Discover how she turned her space into a haven of luxury and personalized experiences, creating an atmosphere that goes beyond hair transformations.

From distraction-free zones to Zoom calls and lunch services, Ashley redefines what it means to make clients feel like royalty.

In a world where communication is king, Danielle and Ashley highlight the importance of conducting consultations through video calls. 

See beyond the words; witness the nuances in clients’ expressions and reactions that can only be captured through visual connection. 

Build trust effortlessly, as consultations become the cornerstone for successful hair extension services.

Hold tight to the reins of managing expectations! 

The two emphasize the art of transparency when it comes to costs, maintenance, and the lifespan of those luscious locks. 

You are the professional, so it’s important that you are educating clients about the journey ahead, ensuring they walk away fully informed and radiantly satisfied.

The hosts drop a golden nugget – the power of taking detailed notes during consultations. Imagine having a personalized playbook that guides you through each appointment, ensuring consistency and catering to every client’s unique desires.

And finally, the most important aspect of any consultation– collect that deposit!

It’s not just a financial transaction; it’s a commitment.

By securing a deposit, stylists safeguard their craft, ensuring they’re ready to unleash their creative prowess without any reservations.

Client consultations don’t have to be done in person, and you can collect a non-refundable deposit on the phone to ensure you protect your space, time and business. 

Elevate your skills, go beyond the surface, and redefine what it means to consult. Remember, consultations are the heartbeat of your craft, resonating with trust, understanding, and that extra touch of personalization that sets you apart.

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Ashley Phillips

Nina has been devoted to the hair industry for the past 20 years, specializing in color and transformations. In 2008, Bilancio Salon was born and Nina’s love for collaborating with her guests to create a balanced look and accentuate their features, became reality. Adding NBR extensions to her service list was the missing link to her creative space. With a passion to help others’ to have the hair of their dreams, Nina has been creating magic and encouraging women to “live their best hair” ever since.

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