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Congratulations on becoming a Licensed NBR® Artist!

Time flies when you're having fun, but we know that completing The Academy wasn't always easy.

It takes dedication, determination, and hard work to succeed, and through your NBR® Journey you have demonstrated each of those qualities.

You're a leader in this industry.

A disruptor in the stereotype of Hairstylists around the world.

A role model and inspiration for others!

YOU have broken the mold of what it means to be "JUST" a hairstylist!

...And because you're an empowered and driven Artist, you're probably ready for more!

More education. More for yourself in your personal life. More in your business.

What got you here won't get you there.

If you're ready for more then it's time for you to join the NBR® Mastermind Program.

...But first! Let's go over your benefits as a Licensed NBR® Artist!

Licensed nBR® Artist Benefits

Once graduated from DKW® Styling Academy you are able to create your listing for the NBR® Directory. You earned that!

There is no charge or membership fee to stay on the map.

Being a Licensed NBR® Artist, you will receive continued access to The Academy, any Updated Education, the ISLA® Collection, and The Academy Workplace Groups.

You can always book 1:1 Coaching calls at any time by submitting a form, which is located in the Knowledge Library.

Whether it's about your business, the NBR® method itself 1:1 coaching calls are always available to you!

As a Licensed Artist, you will also be invited to Licensed Artist Day and DKW® Academy Convention.

Mastermind Details

The NBR® Mastermind includes additional benefits for you and is an exclusive program that is only available for Licensed NBR® Artists.

Created from our Licensed Artists wanting more, The Mastermind Program provides advanced education in both business and in NBR®.

Yes, that means you have access to your own education platform within The Academy and the ability to book more hands on and in person classes!

As the leaders in our education, Mastermind members receive additional benefits, including ISLA® Rewards & Affiliate Status.

The Mastermind Program will officially launch on April 6, 2023 at Academy Convention. So till then...

There are no payments.

Join Mastermind now for continued education at no additional cost!

We Create Courses YOU Want, So the Program is always
evolving to the needs of our members!

Advanced business courses are available for you online in your own Mastermind platform!

Just like The Academy, you can consume content at your own pace, and refer back to it at anytime!

Anytime you want more education on a specific topic reach out!

Courses are created by each of the NBR® Educators so you're getting information from the top producing NBR® Artists!

Fact Map Training

Within The Mastermind Program, you'll have the opportunity to book in-person or virtual Fact Map training every quarter!

That means you are looking at the facts of where you are today and setting goals with your tribe for the next quarter and the next year.

You'll create goals in each domain of your life.

Body. Being. Balance. Business.

We're her to light the fire under you and give you the tools necessary to continue to grow in all areas of your life!

In person education and Shadowing

In-person Intensives for Mastermind Members will begin in Quarter 3 of 2023 and be held at NBR® HQ.

The dates will coincide with quarterly Fact Maps, so you don’t have to travel twice if you choose to attend both.

Individual NBR® Shadowing  opportunities will launch later in 2023.

Both intensives and shadowing will be a la carte options.

Join the nbr® mastermind with no payment today!

Secure your seat before April 6, 2023 to be locked in to a
lower monthly rate of $150 per month.

The NBR® Mastermind Program will be $500 per month once launched, so don’t miss your chance for advanced education at a lower rate!

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