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Mastermind is an exclusive community of driven and dedicated Artists hungry for success. Made up of Artists who are not only passionate and empowered but also eager to embrace more in every aspect of their lives. More education, more in business, and more personal growth.

Whether your goal is to expand your business, establish yourself as an authority within your salon, or become a prominent leader in the industry and among this tribe, our mission is to support your continuous growth as an Artist. We are committed to providing you with the essential tools, resources, and support to propel you to the next level.

Unlock Your Potential with Mastermind

In Mastermind, we thrive on challenging ourselves and reaching for greatness. Playing small is not an option because we believe in our collective potential to achieve remarkable success as Artists.


Virtual Education

Stay on top of industry trends and best practices without having to travel. Mastermind offers everything you need at the touch of your fingertips.


    Take your growth journey to the next level with our weekly Mastermind calls, conducted live on Zoom. Before each session, you'll have access to the topics in advance, allowing you to prepare and fully engage in dynamic conversations.

  •  These live calls present a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with your fellow Mastermind members and coaches, actively participating in discussions that enrich your learning experience.

  • We understand that life can be busy and unpredictable, and sometimes you might miss a session. No need to worry! Our replay section has got you covered. Within 48 hours, you can access recordings of any past training sessions, ensuring you never miss out on the valuable insights and knowledge shared during those moments.


    This flexibility empowers you to catch up and stay on track with your growth journey, making the most of every opportunity to enhance your skills and thrive!


    Unlike the interactive weekly live training, the Mastermind Bonus Trainings are on-demand topic-specific trainings that go deeper into the topics you need assistance with the most. 

  • Gain knowledge from NBR Educators on, Advanced Marketing, Retail Mindset, Inventory Management, Client Retention, Team Leadership, Branding, and more – all shared through their genuine experiences, leading to some of the most enlightening business revelations.

    With these bonus trainings, you will gain invaluable knowledge and practical know-how from seasoned professionals, enabling you to excel in areas that matter most to you and your business growth.


    These on-demand resources ensure you can access the expertise you need at your convenience, empowering you to take your skills and strategies to the next level.


    Within Mastermind, we're here to light the fire under you and give you the tools necessary to continue to grow in all areas of your life, including Fact Map.

  • One of the greatest tools to moving the needle forward in both life and business is blocking all the noise and distractions - and getting serious about what is working and not working in all areas of life. Inside the Fact Map, you will reflect on the reality of where you are currently and then set future goals and align them with the steps you need to get there.

  • By participating in a live Fact Map event (virtually or in person), you will experience the immense power of accountability through the support and encouragement of your fellow community members.


    Together, we strive to unleash your potential and guide you on a path of continuous improvement.


In-Person Education

We firmly believe in the profound impact of in-person education and human connection. That's why our carefully crafted in-person education is tailored to meet the needs of every level of Artist, guaranteeing individualized attention and personal growth.


    As a valued Mastermind member, you can attend up to two Academy Intensives each year, fully included in your membership! These Intensives are carefully crafted to stretch your boundaries and propel you toward new stages of artistry and business success.

  • During these classes, you'll be immersed in the world of NBR and BMS, gaining invaluable insights and soaking up knowledge from our dedicated coaches. The best part is receiving real-time feedback, honing your skills, and refining your techniques to perfection.


    Witness your personal growth unfold right before your eyes while also becoming a source of inspiration for newer artists who look up to your journey.


    Academy Convention is all about artistic inspiration and recharging your business batteries. The schedule is always different, but you can expect to be immersed in higher-level conversations and relevant lessons that will get you on track and motivated more than ever!

  • During the event, you can explore the latest developments in the NBR method and refine your skills through hands-on practice and implementation before heading home.


    Networking with like-minded professionals will enable you to develop new strategies and leave Academy Convention with tangible business-building ideas you can implement immediately.


ISLA® Rewards

  • Effective management of business expenses is vital, especially regarding hair-related costs, where expenses on beads, string, color, back bar, and more can quickly accumulate.  Plus, specializing in hair extensions means the hair is most likely one of your biggest expenses, and there’s no way around it.


    Introducing ISLA® Rewards, exclusively available to Mastermind, designed to bolster your business growth and enhance your profits without any additional workload. The concept is simple yet powerful – you will receive a credit four times a year that can be utilized for any item in the ISLA collection.


    ISLA® Rewards offers you the flexibility to invest in the products you truly need, enabling you to streamline your hair extension services while keeping your expenses in check. This exclusive program empowers you to maximize resources and ultimately flourish in your business ventures.


    1️⃣  At the end of every quarter, your total ISLA® Collection purchases will be calculated. 

    2️⃣  That total will then be divided by 3 to find your monthly average for that quarter.

    3️⃣  Your monthly average determines which ISLA® Rewards Level you’ve earned and how much you get back!


    • ADMIRER – 2% back - no minimum average purchase
    • INSIDER – 3% back - $8k minimum average purchase
    • ENTHUSIAST – 4% back - $13k minimum average purchase
    • PRO – 5% back - $18k minimum average purchase