Transform into a high-Caliber Artist and achieve success in your business with the tool of Natural beaded rows!

We Get it, maybe it's not the right time for you to join the Academy, but that doesn't mean your education can't start. It's Time to Fast-Track Your MASTERY of the NBR® Extension Method and Accelerate Your Path to Becoming a 6-Figure stylist!

This is the next step in your NBR® Journey

4 Brand new training courses

Including Phase 1 & 2 NBR® & BMS® Videos, Quizzes, Guides and Assignments Published Fall 2022.

Lifetime access

Not only are you getting access the BRAND NEW Phase 1 & 2 of the Academy, you will keep that access for life!

2-Day In-person academy intensive

Get hands-on training from your NBR® Coaches! Virtual options available.

Feedback on your work

With enhanced assignments and an easy to navigate structure, submitting your work for feedback from your NBR® Coaches is critical when building a solid foundation in your skill.

Your time to decide is limited

Secure Your Seat Today And Take The First Steps Towards Becoming A Six-Figure Stylist, But It Expires When The Clock Runs Out!
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- in person -
2-day Academy Intensive

NBR® is an intricate method, and while we 100% believe you can learn it via The Online Course, there is no better education than hands-on!

That being said, we understand everyone has a unique situation, and if you cannot travel, we have a virtual option available.

Located at our headquarters in Dana Point, CA, our 2-day Academy Intensives range from 8-14 students with at least 2 NBR® trainers.

You will be up close and personal while your trainers take you through a complete NBR® transformation on a live model, and you will also receive hands-on help and real-time feedback on your work.

In addition to establishing the correct techniques early in your NBR® practice, your Academy Intensive also includes deep-dive discussions on marketing, business mindset, and most importantly, YOUR goals!

Upon completing the Academy Intensive, our goal is for each Artist to have a solid foundation and direction in their business and personal life so you can clear the noise and accelerate their journey to having their dream career and life!

The Academy Fundamentals Course is your fast track to creating amazing NBR® transformations with 100% confidence, and it's your next best step towards ultimately becoming a thriving Licensed NBR® Artist.

And whenever you're ready (able, wanting, and willing) to go ALL IN with the whole Academy experience, you can upgrade and get all the benefits like invitations to Academy-only events like conventions, the private Academy social network, and much more!

4 Brand New Training courses

Inside the Fundamentals Course, you will get lifetime access to the recently enhanced Phases 1 & 2 of DKW Styling Academy!

This includes the BRAND NEW NBR® & BMS® Videos, Quizzes, Guides, and feedback-related Assignments that cover ALL of the topics you need to have a solid foundation in your business and the practice of NBR®.

You'll take everything you've learned so far inside Phase 1 of the Academy and from the class you attended and skyrocket your skills as an artist through the most in-depth, step-by-step training you've ever experienced in the NEW Phase 1 & 2!

You'll have a VIP front-row seat as you "watch over the shoulders" of your coaches, and they guide you to your next level of mastery and confidence in creating stunning NBR® transformations for your clients.

At the end of each super-specific training, you will be taken through a Quiz, ensuring you leave each focused training 100% on point and with complete confidence!

Because this isn't your first time taking education with us, you've already been through a version of Phase 1, so you have an idea of what's in store for the topics in the new Phase 1 training. Here's just a fraction of what the new Phase 2 of the Academy covers...

Phase 2 NBR® Topics

  • COLORING & NBR® PREP: Discover how to create stunning, seamless blends with NBR® and ISLA® hair even when the client comes in with an "impossible" messy situation...and use methods that unlocks an explosion of color variety for your clients.

  • SECTIONING: Learn all the in-depth nitty-gritty details on how to section correctly, and how to do it with ease and stress-free speed.

  • BEADWORK: Dive even deeper into beadwork and how to customize it for all clients regardless of texture, or density.

  • PLACING HAIR: Here we’ll focus on perfectly placing the hair for a seamless, flat feel that leaves your clients feeling boutique bliss with hair that seems natural, and like their own.

  • STITCHING: Discover how to make your stitching even tighter, while also learning how to troubleshoot any issues and sidestep any “oh crap” moments with your stitching skills.

  • START & END BEADS: We’ll show you how to deliver the perfect bead refresh for your clients that has them feeling confident and comfortable as they leave your chair.

  • CUT: How you can effortlessly blend any client with shorter, more difficult layers yet still give them the natural stunning result NBR® has become known for.

  • STYLE: How to style even the shortest layers using NBR® so that you always end up providing your clients with a seamless, blended finish that makes all their friends jealous.

  • REFRESH APPOINTMENT: How to prepare for a refresh appointment, and how to replace hair with quick effortless ease that creates a dreamy experience for your clients…And zero stress for you!

While the NBR® Extension method will allow you to accelerate and elevate your skills as an artist, it's your access to the next level of BMS® trainings that will give you the marketing mindset needed to empower yourself as a business owner and market yourself in a way that magnetically attracts your dream clientele to your chair!

Phase 2 BMS® Topics

  • STRATEGIC SEDUCTION: Learn how to get inside your ideal client’s mind so you know how they decide to buy from you. This will give you the unbreakable frame you can use in all of your marketing to bring in consistent clients who happily pay you top dollar.

  • THE STACK: Learn how to turn every frustration, irritation, or triggering business or life experience into an opportunity to empower and harness yourself with more power instead of leaking your precious energy.

  • CORE 4: Discover how to efficiently create balance in your life, and strategically put yourself first every day before you ever hit the salon so you can show up as the best version of you, feeling a surge of certainty across all areas of your life.

  • PRICING: Master the art and science of choosing your “ideal pricing” based on your expenses and your salon dynamic so you never back yourself into a corner of being a commodity service ever again, ensuring you collect real and lasting profits at every turn.

  • APPLICATION TO CLOSE: We’ll show you the proven blueprint that sets your business up for exponential growth and profits…You'll be taught step by step how to create your NBR® Application, how to effortlessly close within the consultation, and so much more.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Let us show you exactly how to take jaw-dropping photos that show off your stunning work so you can get the most qualified leads that turn into your best clients.

  • DAILY FOUR MARKETING: Quickly learn and leverage our brain-dead simple system of social media savvy marketing that is an easy, fun, and sustainable way to make sure you grow your business and bank account with confidence!

  • GENERALS TENT DIGITAL TRACKER: Kick all your overwhelm and stress to the curb when it comes to tracking your numbers by using our easy-to-follow spreadsheet that will guide you to make rock-solid decisions based on facts, not your feelings.

So here's the deal.
Grabbing your instant access to the Academy Fundamentals Course isn't just about what you'll be trained on inside NBR® & BMS® as you are guided through Phases 1 & 2 of the Academy.

It's about leveraging all that knowledge and your growing skill sets so you can rake in the revenue that creates your own "self-scholarship" to the whole Academy to ultimately become a FULLY Licensed NBR® Artist.

can you see How A smaller investment today with Academy Fundamentals kicks down a much bigger door to your ultimate dream lifestyle?

Just by you taking this next best step now so you can continue your journey You open the self-scholarship path to elevate your art, improve your skills and keep up the precious momentum you've already built so far.

It all starts with your decision at this moment.
You deserve this chance to change everything about your life as an artist.

You got this…
And we've got you covered.

Begin your nbr® journey today!

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Empowering results by helping you excel at your craft and significantly increase your profitability.

Because what got you here wont get you there.
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We believe in hard work, adding value, and serving others, and that’s what our programs are designed to help you do. As stated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, programs, and strategies.
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