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Key Points



The Model Challenge is an 8 week guided course. 

The goals of the Model Challenge are to:

  • Get you familiar and comfortable with ISLA colors and textures. No stressing when you are ordering, or coloring!
  • Get started marketing with your very own NBR Clients
  • Feel comfortable and confident taking NBR clients!
  • Get a jump start on your DKWSA assignments

Model Challenge Schedule

Every week another training will become available to you here.


The training in the Model Challenge will align WITH your DKWSA work.


WEEK #1: PROMOTE: Build Application & Promote for Model

WEEK #2: PITCH: Promote for Models / Consultations with Leads / Book Models

WEEK #3: PITCH: Consultations with Leads / Book Models

WEEK #4: PERFORM: Do 1 Model

WEEK #5: PERFORM: Do 1 Model / Live Call with Danielle & Ani

WEEK #6: PERFORM: Do 1 Model

WEEK #7: PICTURE: Photoshoot with professional Photographer 

🚨 You will need to hire a professional photographer. Start looking now and count 7 weeks out so that you can book accordingly 🚨

WEEK #8: PACKAGE: Final edits and tweaks to photos




This week you have two main tasks, that MUST be done in this order.


  1. Watch the Application training in Phase 2. Complete your application.

    Click HERE to begin watching those trainings.

  2. Promote that you are looking for Models on Social Media

    Click HERE to download the Social Media books. 

    This WILL work on a cell phone, but it is recommended to be done on a computer for ease.

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