DKWSA Walkthrough

DKW Styling Academy

DKWSA Walkthrough

Here’s How to Complete This Lesson: Watch the below video, and review the “Key Points” underneath so you ensure you didn’t miss any key elements from this lesson before you proceed to the next step by clicking the Mark Complete Button at the top/bottom of the page.

Key Points

Welcome to DKW Styling Academy!

Be sure to watch the training above that walks you through everything in the Academy. 

Be sure to click around and become comfortable with it! (You won’t ruin anything, so click everywhere!)


DKWSA Account / Payment / Events / General Inquiries:

Can a Coach look at my work!? YES! Message Coach Ani inside of Workplace Chat

I need clarification on an assignment! You can email or message Coach Ani in workplace chat


I need one on one help. Perfect! Phases 2-4 have Hot Seats where you can sign up for one on one help from a Coach. Look under the previous months’ Hot Seat in the Key points for the link: Click HERE.


Where can I submit a question!? Click HERE and Coach Ani will send you a response in Workplace, or add it to the Knowledge Library!

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