BMS® 104 | Pricing

BMS® 104 PRICING OVERVIEW ASSESSMENTS OVERVIEW Welcome to your final lesson in BMS® Phase One. It’s time that you start to CHARGING YOUR WORTH! In this Pricing lesson, you’ll learn what beginning prices to charge for NBR® and the “why” behind package pricing.  ASSESSMENTS THEORY QUIZ: Following the videos inside this lesson, complete the related […]

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BMS® 103 | General’s Tent

BMS® 103 GENERALS TENT OVERVIEW ASSESSMENTS OVERVIEW Welcome to Generals Tent in BMS® in this lesson, you are learning how to put aside feelings, and look at your business logically by focusing on the NUMBERS. These practical assessments ensure you’ve captured all the essential information before diving deeper into BMS® in the next Phase.  You

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BMS® 102 | Daily Four

BMS® 102 DAILY FOUR OVERVIEW ASSESSMENTS OVERVIEW Welcome to Daily Four inside of BMS® where you’ll be learning how to set yourself apart from other Stylists, but also build your brand to attract $4,000 clients. This is where you will learn the foundation of all of your marketing and how to attract your ideal NBR®

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BMS® 101 | Power Practice

BMS® 101 POWER PRACTICE OVERVIEW ASSESSMENTS OVERVIEW Does it really matter if you know how to perform NBR® if you don’t have anyone to do it on? How about what to price your services? This course introduces you to the business, marketing, and sales (BMS®) strategies every successful NBR® Artist uses, so you get started

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