It’s Easier to Keep Up Than Catch Up

Are you tired of the perpetual cycle of losing momentum and starting over again? 

In this week’s episode of the BMS® Podcast, Danielle invites Licensed NBR® Artist, Brette Cody, to dive into the powerful concept of consistency and how it can transform your life. 

They dissect the misconception of being “busy” without actual progress and reveal how commitment to progression is the key to success.

The Perils of Starting Over

How often have you found yourself back at square one after losing momentum? 

The struggle to keep up is a common one, but the reality is that starting over repeatedly is not a productive path. 

The illusion of busyness often masks the absence of true progression. 

Danielle and Brette explore how staying consistent is pivotal for breaking this cycle.

Embrace Imperfection, Embrace Progress

Perfectionism can be a crippling mindset. 

Rather than aiming for flawless execution, understand that progress is made through ups and downs. 

Some days you’ll surpass your goals, while on others, you might not even come close. 

This is precisely why consistency matters. 

Embrace imperfection as part of the journey and leverage it as a driving force.

Breaking Free from the Hamster Wheel

Repetitively starting over leads to burnout and a feeling of running on a hamster wheel.

It’s essential to have moments of realization that propel you toward commitment.

Give yourself permission to rewrite your story. 

When your commitment to yourself becomes unshakeable, regression becomes unthinkable. 

Failure is not an option; it’s a stepping stone.

Choosing Your Path

Amidst the noise and naysayers, remember that you have the power to choose.

Your life will move forward whether you actively shape it or not.

Invest your time wisely in activities that lead to success and goal achievement.

Disregard those who say you can’t succeed.

Commit to your aspirations and stay steadfast on your chosen path.

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Brette Cody

Starting her NBR Journey at BMSCon4 in 2019, Brette Cody has become a shining star in the world of hair artistry.

Brette’s passion lies in NBR extensions, where she weaves confidence into each strand, specializing in Lived-In colors and bold fashion shades.

Dedicated to delivering an exceptional guest experience, Brette Cody is your go-to stylist for a transformation that leaves you looking and feeling absolutely fabulous.

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