How taking a leap of faith and investing in yourself can change everything

In the spring of 2022, Jennifer Laliberte embarked on her NBR Journey, joining an NBR Virtual Experience class. With four weeks of pre-training, she embraced the NBR Extension Method, leaving behind a protein fusion extension method.

Little did she know the impact this decision would have on both her career and her family’s life. The turning point came after completing the two-day course when she stood at a crossroads.

Would she remain on a plateau in her 20-year hairstyling career, or would she take a leap of faith, aiming for financial success while working less?

The recent passing of her daughters’ father weighed heavily on her mind as they approached college age.

Jennifer, a hustling hairstylist, grappled with the fear of investing thousands in extension education. However, her desire to parent her girls and secure their financial future prevailed over fear. She sought more than just a hairstylist’s routine; she craved a life with more time and financial freedom.

The NBR Virtual Experience opened a door to a new path. Jennifer faced the choice to join the NBR Tribe within the Academy—a program mastering the NBR Extension Method and equipping hairstylists with business and marketing strategies for career elevation.

March 5, 2022, marked Jennifer’s leap of faith as she invested in the Academy, but ultimately herself. 

Trusting the NBR Education Team and leaning on the support of the NBR Tribe, she embraced the program wholeheartedly, becoming a dedicated student.

Jennifer couldn’t afford for the program not to work. She depended on it and her daughters depended on her.

One year later, she submitted her final assignment, earning the title of Licensed NBR Artist. This marked a new pinnacle in her career.

No longer shackled by worries about gaps in her schedule, Jennifer devoted her time to her girls. Gone were the days of undervalued services; her income soared from an average of $8,000 a month to over $13,000 in just one year.

Jennifer’s success culminated at the annual Academy Convention, where she proudly accepted her Licensed Artist Plaque.

Now, her daughter follows the same path, inspired to become a hairstylist breaking industry norms.

This is the story of Jennifer Laliberte—an embodiment of resilience, empowerment, and the possibilities that unfold when one takes a leap of faith.

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Jennifer Laliberte

Jennifer began her Natural Beaded Rows journey in March of 2022 and successfully graduated from the academy one year later.

Having worked with various extension methods over the course of her career, Jennifer found herself seeking a technique that prioritized comfort and hair health. The discovery of NBR captured her interest.

Jennifer is dedicated to realizing the dreams of each client by providing them with the stunning hair they’ve always dreamed of. 

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