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Do you feel like you’re lost inside of marketing? Not sure what to talk about or even really where to begin?

We get it! At NBR Education, we teach hairstylists marketing systems and processes that build on each other and, over time, make a huge impact on their business.

Having an easy-to-follow posting schedule on social media will help you begin to share your message with the world. We call this Daily 4.

In this blog post we’re sharing the journey of one of our Licensed NBR Artists, Abigail Lacey from Troutdale, Oregon. Read along as Abigail shares how consistency and a mindset shift allowed her to stand out from the crowd.

My journey began in 2018 when I was just a 23-year-old living with my parents. 

At that time, I was hustling hard in my mom’s home salon, which we affectionately called a “private salon.”

My mom was a nail artist, and while she enjoyed her work, I knew I didn’t want to follow in her footsteps.

She allowed her clients to dictate her life, and I vividly remember hearing endless complaints about a client named Barbara Jean.

Trust me, Barbara was not a favorite.

I was determined to break free from that life. As a young hairstylist with no formal foundation in the industry, I turned to social media for inspiration.

That’s where I stumbled upon Danielle White on Instagram.

At that point, I didn’t know she was talking about hair extensions; I wanted to be like her.

Her beauty, articulation, and stunning work left me in awe. I craved the ability to captivate an audience the way she did. But here’s the twist: I was dealing with debilitating shyness.

Yes, you read that right.

I suffered from extreme shyness. The kind of shyness that made me the baby my parents had to shield from attention.

But despite this, I knew I had to overcome it to achieve my dreams.

My journey to overcome shyness began when I auditioned for a school play in the third grade.

It was nerve-wracking, and I practiced all night, but I did it because I wanted something, and that drive pushed me to succeed.

The same pattern repeated when I moved to Oregon during my sophomore year of high school, where I knew no one.

I wanted to be on the cheerleading team, and I pushed through the fear to audition in front of the entire team.

At first, going live, doing stories, and putting myself out there felt weird. I found myself slipping into this robotic, scripted version of myself.

But then I realized, why am I not just being me? So I started showing up authentically, speaking from the heart, and you know what?

It made all the difference. My clients resonated with my true self, and I attracted my tribe – the people who get my sense of humor, my style, and my hustle.

Today, in 2023, I’m a married woman, a mother, and a proud owner of my dream salon, all because I refused to let shyness hold me back. Shyness isn’t a life sentence; it’s something we can overcome if our desires are strong enough.

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Abigail Lacey

Meet Abigail Lacey, a rising star in hairstyling, embarking on her NBR journey in 2017, ensuring her clients’ dream looks while maintaining hair integrity.

Abigail specializes in bright blondes and dimensional brunettes, using top-tier techniques and products that preserve hair health. 

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