From Bottle Service to Six Figure Hairstylist

Welcome to another episode of the Big Money Stylist podcast! 

In this episode, Danielle had the pleasure of speaking with Skye, a Licensed NBR Artist and member of the NBR Mastermind. Skye shares her journey in the hair industry, her experience with Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) education, and how she discovered her authentic voice in the marketplace. Join us as we dive into Skye’s story and explore the power of authenticity in building a successful hair business.

Skye, a talented hairstylist based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been in the industry for 16 years. She initially started her career focusing on colors and cuts while working in the bottle service industry, but soon realized the potential of offering extensions. In 2018, Skye discovered Natural Beaded Rows education and was immediately drawn to the high-quality and natural-looking results it offered. She decided to dive into NBR and make it a significant part of her business.

During her journey, Skye struggled to find her niche and target audience. She initially explored marketing to the bottle service industry, but soon realized it didn’t align with her authentic self. Through the guidance the NBR Program, Skye discovered her true voice as a hustler.

She resonated with women who work hard, whether they are CEOs, moms, or bottle servers. By sharing her own story of hustling and building her business, Skye found that she attracted more authentic leads who were already warm to her services.

Authenticity is key in marketing. Skye’s shift in messaging, focusing on her own journey as a hustler and a mother, has allowed her to connect with her target audience on a deeper level. 

By sharing her experiences and offering solutions to common hair problems, Skye has positioned herself as a trusted expert in her field. This approach has not only attracted more leads but has also eliminated the need for excessive selling. Skye’s clients are already sold on her services before they even step foot in her salon.

Skye’s passion for impacting people’s lives through great hair is evident. She believes in the power of collaboration over competition and is excited to continue her journey with NBR Education’s Mastermind Program. Skye looks forward to the opportunities for growth and learning that lie ahead, as she continues to make a difference in the hair community.

Authenticity is the key to success in the hair industry. Skye’s story serves as a reminder that finding your authentic voice and sharing your journey can attract the right clients and build a thriving business. By focusing on solving problems and offering high-quality services, hairstylists can create a loyal clientele who value their expertise. 

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SKYE Taylor

Skye is the owner of Studio Skye Salon. She is a wife and mom to a beautiful baby girl.

She has had a passion for doing hair since she was 12. She grew up in Utah and moved to Las Vegas in 2009 and has never looked back. She knew she would rather be in a big city pursuing her passion for hair.

In 2019, she decided to become NBR certified and that forever changed her career. 

“I feel like I am living a dream with a career I love, an extension method I truly believe in, and making women feel more beautiful/confident than they have ever felt.”

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