From Bankruptcy to Beach Bliss, The Real White House

In Today’s Blog Danielle is sharing her story, a journey from bankruptcy and on the brink of divorce to a life of abundance and success that underscores the power of commitment, resilience, and self-belief.

Twelve years ago, my life was at its lowest point. 

Bankrupt and on the verge of divorce, I faced the challenge of providing for my two children with the only skill I had: 

being a Hairstylist.. 

Today, I stand as a successful hairstylist and entrepreneur, with a thriving salon, a sought-after hairline, and an academy that educates hundreds of Artists. 

This is the story of how I turned adversity into opportunity, and how you too can overcome obstacles to achieve the life you desire.

As a passionate artist and educator, I embarked on a journey that led me to establish DKW Styling. A brand built on Natural Beaded Rows – a unique approach to hair extensions that would revolutionize the industry.

Despite feeling awkward and vulnerable, I shared my experiences and passion for hair on YOUTUBE, connecting with women from all corners of the country.

I started to slowly gain more certainty, as my brand grew, I finally saw myself for more than just a hobby hairstylist. 

I was creating a movement in not only hand-tied hair extensions, but in the industry as a whole.

During this time, my husband was gaining certainty as well. Initially appearing like a men’s boot camp, my husband’s venture, “Wake Up Warrior,” has grown into a comprehensive men’s coaching and consulting brand, embodying a lifestyle. 

Centered on the principles of body, being, balance, and business, he imparts teachings that countless families now integrate into their daily routines. With the aid of software tools, the Warrior community guides individuals towards manifesting “having it all”.

While building our respective brands, my husband and I still faced marital struggles that tested us to our core.

Despite contemplating quitting, we persevered and gradually witnessed a shift in our relationship. 

As our businesses flourished, we rebuilt our life together, emphasizing personal growth and self-improvement.

Today, my family’s dynamic consists of four daughters and a stepson, residing in a $22 million beach home – a testament to the power of resilience, reinvention, and unwavering commitment. 

The journey from a struggling artist to a successful entrepreneur seemed unimaginable 12 years ago, but today…

I stand as living proof that anything is achievable with dedication and commitment.

My husband and I are once again inspired to share our story, and we’re launching “The Real White House,” a reality show filled not with drama, but with opportunities and possibilities. 

Our lives reflect the gift of choice, and we’re committed to inspiring others to embrace their potential. 

By embracing change, facing challenges head-on, and never losing sight of your dreams, you too can forge your own path to success. 

Remember, this life is a gift – seize it, shape it, and create the extraordinary.

Join us on August 22nd on Youtube, coinciding with our 20th anniversary, as we continue to evolve and inspire.

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Danielle K. White

Danielle has been in the hair industry for many years and has always been passionate about finding the best methods for extensions, especially for clients with fine, thin hair. Through trial and error, she developed the Natural Beaded Rows® (NBR®) Method which has proven to be effective for a wide range of clients.

In addition to finding a solution for her clients, Danielle also had a desire to help other hairstylists break the mold and achieve success in their careers. She began offering shadowing opportunities to learn the NBR® Method in her salon and as demand grew, she created the Business, Marketing, and Sales (BMS®) education to provide a comprehensive path for hairstylists to turn their license into a successful business.

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