Embracing Change and Finding Balance: A Journey of Growth and Transformation

Prepare to be captivated by a story of grit, passion, and transformation as we DIVE into the remarkable journey of hairstylist and salon owner, Bree Gentry. 

Her path to personal and professional growth is an awe-inspiring testament to the power of embracing change and seeking balance in every aspect of life.

Bree’s adventure began with a leap of faith, opening her own salon at the age of 21. 

Driven by her unyielding passion and excitement, she forged ahead despite financial constraints and limited experience. But as time passed, the demands of her thriving business took their toll, leaving her feeling trapped and overwhelmed.

In the face of burnout, Bree knew she had to reclaim her life’s purpose. 

In 2019, fate led her to the Big Money Stylist program. 

By attending BMS Con, Bree was introduced to a world of untapped possibilities!

The program not only breathed new life into her soul but also awakened a hunger for growth and success.

With newfound clarity, Bree embraced the essential lesson of setting boundaries and elevating her standards.

In her personal life, she also drew clear lines to prioritize her roles as a devoted mother, wife, and business owner.

Crucial to her transformation was the unwavering support and synergy with her husband.

Their commitment to aligning personal and professional aspirations fueled individual growth and strengthened their bond.

Mark’s participation in the Wake Up Warrior Program added fuel to the fire, igniting a flame of newfound purpose and fulfillment in their marriage.

As Bree’s family blossomed, she envisioned a future centered on structure and balance.

Her vision includes expanding the salon and creating a retreat house on her property to serve women on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Unwavering in her determination, Bree recognizes the power of seizing the opportunities that lie ahead.

Bree Gentry’s remarkable journey from a young and ambitious salon owner to a woman with a clear sense of purpose and balance is an inspiration. 

Embrace change, set boundaries, and seek balance – just as Bree did – and watch as your life takes on a new and inspiring trajectory.

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Bree Gentry

Bree is a passionate hairstylist and salon owner, whose remarkable journey is a testament to the power of determination and self-discovery.

At just 21, she took a bold leap of faith, opening her own salon. Over time, the demands of her thriving business led to burnout and a loss of purpose, but Bree refused to give up.

In 2019, she found renewed inspiration through the Big Money Stylist program, which ignited her passion for hairstyling and unveiled a world of new possibilities. Embracing the program, Bree set boundaries and elevated her standards, not only for herself but also for her stylists. 

Bree continues to advance her NBR & Business skills as a member of NBR Education’s Academy Council. 

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