How do I know if my assignment went through?

Step 1: Log into your DKW Styling Academy account at

Step 2: On the RIGHT side of the screen you will see the options below. Click NBR® EDUCATION STATUS.

Step 3: Below is the screen that will show up. Click on the PHASE you are wanting to check.

If the assignment does NOT show up, then you have NOT submitted it.

Underneath STATUS, if the bar is BLACK and says NOT GRADED, that means you HAVE submitted your assignment. But it has not been graded yet. (See example below)

If your assignment HAS been graded. The box will be colored and say GRADED. (See example below)

Then look at POINTS.

If it says 0/1 that means that photo did NOT pass.

If it says 1/1 that means that photo DID pass.

If ANY of the photos say 0/1 the entire assignment must be redone.

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