Continued Education: Growing Beyond Your Craft

Welcome to the 200th episode of The Big Money Stylist Podcast! As we celebrate this milestone, we thought it fitting to discuss a topic that’s crucial for every hair stylist and educator out there – the importance of continuous education. 

Just because you’re good at hair doesn’t automatically make you the best, and even if you are, there’s always room for growth. 


In this blog post, we’ll explore why continuing education is vital for personal and professional development, and how it can take your skills to new heights.


Evolving Beyond the Basics

Being certified or having completed a course is a significant achievement, but it’s essential to realize that it’s just the beginning of your journey. Continuously learning and evolving your craft allows you to dive deeper into your expertise, mastering every intricate detail. True expertise comes not just from a long list of certifications but from practical knowledge and experience gained over time.


Intentional Learning

Continuing your education should be more than just ticking off a checklist of classes. It should be an intentional process where you actively apply what you learn to your business and daily practices. The true measure of progress lies in your bank account – tangible evidence of how your growth translates into financial success.


Commitment to Excellence

Are you just completing courses to say you’ve done them, or are you genuinely committed to becoming exceptional at what you do? Commitment means dedicating yourself to the outcome you desire, setting clear goals, and putting in the effort to achieve them. Think quality over quantity.


Self-Reflection and Growth

To keep improving, it’s essential to be open to feedback and analyze your work objectively. Take a close look at your creations, acknowledge areas that need improvement, and celebrate the aspects where you excel. This process of self-reflection is integral to growth and enables you to identify areas to focus on during your educational journey.


Celebrate Your Wins

Amidst the pursuit of progress, don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments. Acknowledging how far you’ve come allows you to appreciate your growth and boosts your motivation to keep going. Celebrating the wins, both big and small, reinforces your commitment to continuous education and acts as a driving force for further improvement.


Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Your mindset plays a crucial role in your success. Don’t let self-doubt or limiting beliefs dictate your actions. Trust in your abilities and focus on consistent improvement. Every small step you take towards growth accumulates into significant progress over time.


Embrace Consistency

Consistency is key when it comes to continuous education. Regularly attending classes and dedicating time to honing your skills will yield the greatest results. Embrace the small consistencies, for they form the building blocks of substantial professional growth.


As we wrap up the 200th episode of The Big Money Stylist Podcast, we hope this discussion has shed light on the significance of continuous education.


Remember, being good at your craft is just the beginning, and there’s always room for improvement and growth.


Commit to intentional learning, analyze your work objectively, celebrate your wins, and stay consistent in your pursuit of excellence. Embrace the power of continuous education, and you’ll find yourself reaching new heights in your career as a stylist.

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Sarah Stephenson

Sarah has been practicing NBR® since 2018 and joined the Education Team in 2020.

She initially decided to pursue a career in cosmetology to avoid going to college, but she soon discovered that it was a perfect fit for her personality. 

Sarah is passionate about the ability to customize NBR® transformations and is particularly skilled in working with short to long and one-row to three-row extensions.

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