Building A Business & Life You Love

Christina’s career began in 1998. She quickly earned a reputation as a top-notch stylist. However, while she adored her work, something was missing. Christina wanted to focus on something that would genuinely light up her heart. However, her quest for fulfillment led her to specialize in the transformative NBR hair extension method.

Embracing Lifelong Learning

Whether you’re a seasoned hairstylist with years of experience under your belt or a recent graduate eager to make your mark in the industry, this question can evoke a range of emotions.

But really, it’s not just about the number of years you’ve had behind the chair.

It’s about the mindset and dedication you bring to your craft!

Balancing Growth and Success in the Hair Industry

Get ready to dive deep into Mycha’s incredible journey in the hair industry, her captivating experience with the NBR (Natural Beaded Rows) method, and how it’s impacted her professional and personal life.

From conquering self-doubt to crafting a symphony between being a super mom and a hustling stylist, Mycha’s story isn’t just inspiring; it’s a testament to the sheer power of unwavering determination.

It’s Easier to Keep Up Than Catch Up

Are you tired of the perpetual cycle of losing momentum and starting over again?
In this week’s episode of the BMS® Podcast, Danielle invites Licensed NBR® Artist, Brette Cody, to delve into the powerful concept of consistency and how it can transform your life.
They dissect the misconception of being “busy” without actual progress and reveal how commitment to progression is the key to success.

Mastering Social Media and Standing Out in an Oversaturated Market

In the always evolving world of social media, where algorithms wield tremendous power over content visibility, gaining visibility has become a daunting challenge, especially in an oversaturated market. But fear not, because on the Big Money Stylist Podcast, hosted by Danielle K White, and guest Katherine Raynor, we dive into the rise of social media algorithms and discover how hair stylists can stand out, adapt, and most importantly succeed!

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