Building Salon Culture From the Ground Up

Meet Jessica Mattevi, a stylist turned salon owner, as shares her inspiring journey of resilience, faith, and personal growth in this week’s post! 


I want share my personal journey, the challenges I faced, and the incredible transformations that unfolded when I embraced the power of salon culture. From leaving a toxic salon environment to building my own salon from scratch, my story is one of determination, faith, and the realization that salon culture plays a pivotal role in maximizing revenue and success. 

Join me as I reflect on the importance of authenticity, accountability, and fostering a vibrant team!

As I embarked on my salon owner journey, I quickly realized the significance of defining my non- negotiables and core values. 

These became the guiding principles that shaped the culture of my salon. I encourage every salon owner to take the time to honestly evaluate their own values and establish a strong foundation upon which their salon can thrive. It is through these values that authenticity, integrity, and individuality find their place in our vibrant team.

One of the most powerful realizations I had was the importance of embracing individuality and personal style within my salon.

Rather than striving for a cookie-cutter approach, I encouraged my stylists to express their unique flair and flavor. 

I likened it to the difference between a fruit smoothie and a fruit salad, where each ingredient contributes its own distinct taste. By fostering a diverse and vibrant team, we created a salon culture that celebrates individuality and offers clients a truly exceptional experience.

Salon culture thrives on accountability and structure. 

To create an environment where stylists and clients flourish, I recognized the need for clear expectations and open communication. 

Defining our core values allowed me to hold both myself and my team accountable, ensuring that we consistently delivered on our promises. By establishing this structure, we created a harmonious dynamic that prevented issues within the salon and fostered an atmosphere of trust and reliability.

The impact of salon culture on revenue cannot be overstated. 

When stylists operate with authenticity and integrity, clients can sense it.

They trust our expertise and return for our services, becoming loyal clients of our salon. 

A positive and fulfilling salon culture acts as a magnet, attracting new clients who seek an environment that aligns with their values. 

By focusing on cultivating our salon culture, I have witnessed firsthand how it directly impacts our revenue and success.

My journey as a stylist turned salon owner has been a remarkable one, and at its core is the transformative power of salon culture. By defining non- negotiables and core values, embracing individuality, and fostering accountability, I have built a salon where stylists thrive and clients feel valued. 

Our vibrant team dynamic and commitment to authenticity have elevated our salon experience, leading to increased client satisfaction and a boost in revenue. 

I encourage every salon owner to reflect on their own values, embrace the power of salon culture, and unleash its incredible potential for success!

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Jessica Mattevi

Jessica started her NBR® Journey in 2019 at BMS Con 4!

With a strong focus on providing an unforgettable experience, Jessica believes in making each appointment a day to remember, offering not only a hair service but a complete body and soul transformation.

Jessica knows that true success lies in empowering clients with knowledge and support to maintain their NBR extensions effectively.

Witnessing the guests’ priceless reactions when they catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror after their transformation is her favorite part and brings her so much joy.

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