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Welcome to another episode of the BMS Podcast! This week, Danielle welcomes Licensed NBR Artist Christina Fuentes as her co-host to share her story of discovering  joy and success in the hair industry. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Christina’s journey from her early days as a stylist to her specialization in NBR, all while prioritizing her well-being and family.

Embracing Change and Pursuing Passion

Christina’s career began in 1998, and she quickly earned a reputation as a top-notch stylist.

However, while she adored her work, something was missing.

Christina wanted to focus on something that would genuinely light up her heart and give her purpose!

However, her quest for fulfillment led her to specialize in the transformative NBR hair extension method.

The Power of Niche Marketing

Now, let’s talk about one of Christina’s major lightbulb moments – niche marketing.

By putting all her energy into perfecting the art of NBR, she became a magnet for clients hungry for the very best in hair extensions.

Christina realized that by offering a specialized service, she could create an extraordinary experience and deliver results that left her clients feeling like royalty.

This shift in mindset and marketing strategy led her to build a clientele who cherished her expertise and saw their lives transformed.

Overcoming Burnout and Prioritizing Family

Like many in the industry, Christina faced burnout.

Working long hours and juggling a variety of services began to take its toll on her well-being and quality time with her family. 

Recognizing the toll it took, she made the choice to transition to a studio closer to home.

This change allowed her to be there for her kids’ activities and soak up precious moments with her loved ones.

The Art of Letting Go

Now, letting go of long-time clients? That’s no easy feat.

But Christina handled it with grace and professionalism.

She reached out personally to each client, explaining her decision to focus solely on NBR and even recommended other talented stylists who could continue to pamper them. 

Taking a tip from what she learned within The Academy, she used voice memos to add a personal touch when letting her clients know of the move, ensuring they felt valued.

Finding Joy and Success

Fast forward to today, and Christina is thriving in her charming studio, Stitch Hair Atelier, where she exclusively works her NBR magic.

She finds immense joy in transforming clients’ hair and lives, restoring their confidence and achieving their hair dreams.

By putting her well-being first and creating a work environment that aligns with her values, Christina has uncovered a sense of fulfillment that goes far beyond the numbers on her client list.

Christina journey in the hair industry isn’t just about styling hair; it’s about chasing your dreams and cherishing what truly matters. 

Her story is a beacon of inspiration for all artists seeking happiness and success in their careers.

By embracing change, specializing in a niche, conquering burnout, and putting family first, she’s woven a life filled with boundless happiness and fulfillment.

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Christina Fuentes

Meet Christina, a proud Stockton, CA native who has found her calling in serving the Fresno and Central Valley community.

As a dedicated wife and loving mother of two, Christina’s heart extends far beyond her craft. With over two decades of experience as a hairstylist, she has cultivated a profound passion for her clients and the art of hairstyling.

In 2019, Christina embarked on a transformative journey by shifting her entire business focus to NBR Extensions. Her commitment to mastering this specialized art led her to complete her training with DKW Styling Academy, earning her the title of a licensed NBR artist.

Beyond her salon chair, Christina cherishes every moment spent with her husband, two wonderful children, and their four Doberman pups. When they’re not at home, you’ll likely find them exploring Disneyland or the Central Coast.

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