Balancing Growth and Success in the Hair Industry

Get ready for a heart-to-heart on the Big Money Stylist podcast!

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Mycha Spencer, a gifted hairstylist from Tampa, Florida, with a heart full of passion.

Our conversation dives deep into Mycha’s incredible journey in the hair industry, her captivating experience with the NBR (Natural Beaded Rows) method, and how it’s impacted her professional and personal life.

From conquering self-doubt to crafting a symphony between being a super mom and a hustling stylist, Mycha’s story isn’t just inspiring; it’s a testament to the sheer power of unwavering determination.

Believe in Yourself and Build Your Tribe

Mycha’s got some advice that’s as simple as it is profound: believe in yourself and surround yourself with folks who genuinely want to see you thrive.

As she reminisces about her early days grappling with doubts and fears, Mycha’s journey of stepping into the hair industry is nothing short of courage.

She stresses the magic of having a tribe that cheers you on and lovingly nudges you toward growth.

Stepping Beyond Comfort Zones

Mycha’s hunger for growth fueled her to embrace the unknown with open arms.

The realization that comfort might just be the comfort zone of mediocrity pushed Mycha to take some brave leaps – including signing up for The DKW Styling Academy.

These leaps weren’t just about learning; they were about finding confidence, becoming a savvy entrepreneur, and mastering the art of marketing.

Mycha’s story tells us that magic truly happens when you dare to leap into the unknown.

Balancing Act: Navigating the Dance of Motherhood and Dreams

Imagine juggling motherhood with nurturing a blossoming career – it’s a challenging, sometimes guilt-ridden journey.

But amidst the juggle, Mycha has carved out magical moments for her children while relentlessly pursuing her dreams.

Her secret sauce?

Blending marketing pursuits and personal growth ventures, all while being a present, loving mom.

Mycha’s balancing act is a testament to her tenacity and her dedication to crafting a life that’s both purposeful and joyful.

Conquering Doubt and Proving the Unbelievers Wrong

Mycha’s journey isn’t just about her growth; it’s about showing the skeptics that their doubts were simply stepping stones.

Her unyielding belief in herself and her steadfast pursuit of dreams have silenced those early question marks.

Now, her story stands tall as inspiration, reminding us all that resilience, dedication, and an unwavering belief in oneself can silence the doubters and light up the path ahead.

From taming the demons of self-doubt to choreographing the intricate dance of mom life and a thriving career, Mycha’s story resonates far beyond the realm of hairstyling. 

Her courageous steps have not just transformed her life, but have become a testament that with the right mindset and a tribe by your side, every hurdle can be crossed and every dream can be reached.

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Mycha Spencer

For over a decade, Mycha has been a driving force in the beauty industry. The first six years saw her find her footing in a Redken Elite commission salon, where she cultivated her skills and ventured across the United States in pursuit of hair color and extensions expertise. 

But Mycha’s ambitions didn’t halt there. Motherhood brought a fresh surge of determination, propelling her to reach even greater heights.

Starting her NBR Journey at an NBR Virtual Experience in March of 2022, Mycha was awarded a full scholarship into The Academy for her commitment to her success and desire for more.

Here, she dove deep into the art of NBR and mastered the intricacies of running a successful business and is now a Licensed NBR Artist!

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