Are You Open to Feedback?

Let’s be real—feedback doesn’t always have the best reputation.

It can feel like a punch to the gut, making us cringe and question our abilities. (Especially when you’re a bada** Artist who puts so much into their work!)

But guess what? Danielle and Sarah are here to change that narrative.

They drop some truth bombs on why feedback is a game-changer for personal and professional growth.

It’s time to embrace feedback like a boss!

Embrace the Change, Baby 

Change can be scary. It disrupts our cozy little comfort zones and challenges us to step up our game.

But you know what? Danielle and Sarah challenge you to get cozy with change.

Discover why embracing change is the secret sauce to unlocking your potential and making serious progress.

Rocking it with Intention

Doing things with intention may sound all zen and stuff, but guess what?

It’s the real deal. Intentional action can supercharge your transformation. It’s not just about receiving feedback; it’s about owning it and taking intentional steps toward improvement.

Perfection? Nah, We’re All About Progress

Let’s get one thing straight—perfection is overrated. Danielle drops a truth bomb by reminding us that perfection is a myth.

Momentum and consistency can take you leaps and bounds ahead of staying stuck in the pursuit of perfection.

Say goodbye to perfectionism and hello to progress!

Smash Those Limiting Beliefs

We’ve all been there—stuck in our own little bubble of self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

Well, guess what? Danielle and Sarah are here to shatter those glass ceilings.

It’s time to ditch the “I can’t do it” story and flip the script.

By embracing feedback and taking action, you’ll smash through those barriers and unleash your full potential.

It’s time to kick fear to the curb and embrace feedback like a boss.

Remember, progress trumps perfection any day.

So, get out there, own your journey, and let feedback be your secret weapon for success.

Sarah Stephenson

Sarah has been practicing NBR® since 2018 and joined the Education Team in 2020.

She initially decided to pursue a career in cosmetology to avoid going to college, but she soon discovered that it was a perfect fit for her personality. 

Sarah is passionate about the ability to customize NBR® transformations and is particularly skilled in working with short to long and one-row to three-row extensions.

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