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In the latest episode of the BMS® Podcast, Danielle K. White invites NBR® Educator Julia Ward to discuss a common struggle faced by entrepreneurs and individuals alike – the challenge of letting go. 

It’s a hurdle that almost everyone encounters on their journey to success. We often reach a certain level of achievement and comfort, only to realize that there is still more to strive for. 

The Illusion of Comfort

When we set goals and work tirelessly to achieve them, it’s natural to seek celebrate our accomplishments. We may believe that once we’ve reached a certain level of success, the difficult part is over. 

However, this mindset can lead to complacency and hinder further growth. 

True entrepreneurs understand that success is not a destination but an ongoing journey. 

There is always room for improvement, and being satisfied with where we are can prevent us from reaching our full potential.

The Desire for More

This thirst for growth and the question of “Now what?” is a sign of ambition and a drive to constantly evolve. 

As entrepreneurs, we should embrace this desire for more and use it as fuel to keep pushing ourselves. By maintaining a hunger for success, we can continue setting new goals and striving for greatness.

The Courage to Let Go

In order to unlock new possibilities and perspectives, we must be willing to let go. Letting go means releasing the attachments and comfort zones that may be holding us back. 

It requires us to step into the unknown and embrace change. 

When we let go, we create space for new ideas, opportunities, and growth. 

This act of surrendering allows us to see things from a fresh perspective and opens doors to unimaginable possibilities.

The journey to success is not a linear path. 

It’s a continuous process of growth, evolution, and letting go. 

As entrepreneurs, we must resist the temptation to settle for comfort and instead strive for continuous improvement. 

Letting go of what no longer serves us opens up new possibilities and allows us to tap into our full potential. 

So, take a moment to reflect on your journey. 

Are there areas in your life or business where you need to let go? 

Embrace the courage to release, create space, and step into a future filled with limitless possibilities!

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Julia Ward

Coach Julia has been part of the NBR® Tribe for four years. After co-owning a salon with her best friend, she decided to take a leap of faith and open her salon, MUSE, located in Olympia, WA, and as of 2023, opened a second location in Gilbert, AZ!

Julia is an experienced stylist who creates natural blonde and light-colored looks that combine glamour and bohemian styles.

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